by Tricia, with some submissions from Shannon.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

Blair: I'll make you happy.... I'll, I'll try...
Todd: Good luck.

T: I'm sorry this couldn't be in a church
B: Todd, the beach is beautiful
T: And so are you...look, I told you I'd never lie to you

After Todd marries her in Key West:
Blair: We did it. Whoo! How do you feel?
Todd: The same... only weirder.

B (wearing a sexy red dress): Ta da! You look great! Todd, that tuxedo had your name written all over from the minute I saw it! Gosh! Well, how do I look?
T (speechless):'re pretty... I mean, you're always pretty....that's a nice dress.

B: So...what do you think?
T: Same clothes you had before
B: Anything else? My lipstick?
T: looks good. Look Blair, everything you wear looks good

Addie: Todd,'re like the prince and the Beast...the Beast was ugly and mean looking and then Beauty loved him and he turned into a prince. Don't you know any fairy tales?
T: No, not really
A: That's you. I thought you were scary and ugly but you're not. You love my beautiful girl and you won't let anyone hurt her, will you?
T: Never. And you're right about her being Beauty. She's the one beautiful thing in this ugly world

T: You look so beautiful in this light
B: So do you
T: I have never...ever wanted you more than I do right here, right now

T: I am not going to heaven, but suddenly, going to hell didn't seem that bad, cuz, Blair, you are going there too.

Blair (to Viki after Todd's "death"): The night that Todd and I got married, he talked about what he wished for us...about our plans for the future, and he was handsome and happy and confident

Blair (tells Starr a story): Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Blair and a handsome boy named Todd and one day they decided to get married...
T: Because no one else could deal with them
B: Don't give her any ideas
T: You tell my kid the truth, it's the truth!

Viki: You're pushing Blair away because the emotions she stirs up in you are inconvenient and unpredictable, and you don't want to admit that, even to yourself.
Todd: You gonna bill me for this session or are you just gonna send the paperwork right to my insurance company?

Baby Talk

T: You feed the kid at one end, you change it at the other, you flip it around and pat it on the back, it's a piece of cake.
B: You know you're not the total louse you think you are
T: Well don't tell anyone ok? I got my rep to worry about

Todd (shows Blair his surprise - ad of Melador in the Sun): I know, I probably should've talked to the CEO before I ran the ad, but hey, the CEO is having my kid...whatever, but you got a good break, it's free!

B: Why shouldn't our baby have all this? Why shouldn't he or she have everything she ever wants?
T: HE... I have a feeling it's a he.
B: Oh really, now what if it's a she?
T: That's alright with me, I mean, if she's anything like you

B: I'd like to propose a toast...To my husband and the father of this child-to-be. Let from this day forth, I want to make as happy as he has made me
T: Well, to my wife and the mother of my child-to-be. That she finally gets everything she deserves.

B: When the doctor let me listen to the baby's heart beat, don't laugh, but I knew, I knew it was going to be a girl. I'm sorry, I know you had your heart set on a boy.
T: No, in fact, I was sitting there watching the doctor give you the once over and it hit me. It wouldn't be so bad to have a girl, as long as she's just like her mom
B: Are you serious?
T: Look, we're fertile, right? So the next kid will be a boy
B: Todd, I love you
T: Hey, now I've got a reputation okay? You do too.
B: Oh who cares
T: You oughta care, you're somebody's mother

Love Thy Enemy...NOT!

Tina: You're nothing but a cheap gold digger!
B: I'm cheap? Ha! 28 million dollars makes you the cheap gold lost!

Blair (to Todd): Why do you always automatically accept anything bad someone says about me? Especially Tina, the two brain cells she has don't function on the same day, you know.

Max (to Blair): Maybe I should be talking to you about this business deal since Todd obviously does whatever you tell him to do. You tell him to buy a radio station, he buys one, you tell him to fire Luna, he fires her.
T: That's right, my wife says "jump", I ask "how high?" Makes her extra happy.

Todd: Marrying Blair is the best thing that ever happened to me
Max: How sad

Todd (to Max): I'm going to bury that mudhole you call a company just to make my woman smile

Tina (opens her door to find Todd): Oh God.
Todd: No, it's just me, your baby brother.

B: I loved Todd
Tina: You never loved Todd, you lusted after the trust fund, you were so hot after the 28 million...
B: You're simple, you're stupid, and you're shallow and you don't know the first thing about love Tina, not the kind of love I felt for my husband. I loved Todd Manning more than you are capable of loving anyone.

David (to Todd): Oh, oh, YOU! You and the two harpies [Blair and Dorian] from all screwed me!
Todd: No, you see, we didn't and that's the whole point!

Tina: Sorry Blair, but he didn't leave you anything. He cut you out of his will remember? And somebody has to make sure Todd's newspaper keeps running
Blair: Yes, but not into the ground...let me guess, for your babies?
Tina: Yes, this newspaper's going to be theirs now
B: Well then maybe they should be standing behind that desk because I'm sure they could run it a hell of a lot better!

Blair (to Tina): Get your space cadet head out of Todd's office!

Blair (to Marty) I love it, why is it every time I tell the truth about you whoring around, I end up being the villain?

T (to Marty): You! WHY is it ALWAYS you?!

Tina (to Todd at his back-from-the-dead party): You're welcome always... and your family.
Todd (to Blair): Your broom's in the shop, right honey? As soon as it gets tuned up we can work our way down there.

Asa (to Todd): Nice to see you amongst the living Manning, I always thought you were too mean to kill
Blair: Look who's talking...I was thinking Todd that we should write a story about how Asa was pretending to be a demented moron and how it took months for anyone to even notice
Asa: Touché lady, and you know what I was thinking? It's too bad that Alex didn't get a lesson from Blair here on how to fake a pregnancy and she's an expert at that con...well you [Todd] know that!
Blair: Ha! And I was thinking, it was too bad for Alex that she didn't get Carlo to take a lesson from you because you're an expert in falling for it Asa!

Dorian: Congratulations Todd, this is really quite an event
T: Well it's officially a party if Dorian approves
Dorian: Of course, I've never had to pay my guest
T: Well, in your case I should've made an exception, you should've had to bribe me to get in
Dorian: And I would've paid because any party that you're at, I'm not going to be the most despised person there
Todd: [hisses]

Todd: (to Blair about Dorian) She wants to see us reconciled like she wants to see you married to Charles Manson.

Todd: The McPoet has agreed to an early delivery...
Viki: I think that due to his actions, Patrick deserves to be called something other than Poetry Boy, the McPoet, Professor Thornhart, and the cute nicknames you have for him.
Todd: No he doesn't.

Todd (about Blair): She's pregnant with Patrick Thornhart's baby, Ireland's little gift to the poetically challenged.

BLAIR: There's one thing you can trust and that's love.
TODD: What?!?!

How Do I Love Thee...

T: No, hold on, I'm almost finished and I feel like I gotta get this out. What I said before about you being so stand up for me, that's not the only reason I have for sticking around...see...I....I love you Blair.

T: We're a team now, if anybody gets in our way, we mow them down together
B: It is a great feeling isn't it? Being this powerful! It beats any feeling I've ever had in my whole life
T: Me too. Only it's not just the power, it's the love. I love you Blair, gets easier to say the second time. Hey, I'm not pushing you but...maybe one of these days you'll say it back to me...whatever.

T: You want the world, don't you Blair?
B: Don't you?
T: If I had the world in my hand, it wouldn't mean a thing if I didn't have you
B: You mean that?
T: I love you...[kneels]..will you marry me?

B: Look, this is my payoff for helping Dorian, come on!
T: Alright, you have your fun, but if he [David] lays a finger on you...
B: Hey, I love you and I love the fact that I'm having your baby and that we are engaged again. Come on, this is the part when you say, "Me too!"
T: Me too!

Blair: I guess I've been a little overwhelmed, you know, with everything happening so fast--the marriage, the proposal. It was like I was going to wake up tomorrow and just realize it was all a dream--a very good dream.
Todd: No, not a dream, believe me--I've seen the bills.

T: Welcome home Mrs. Manning
B: Well, come on, you can let me down now. You carried me all the way up the elevator!
T: I thought I was going to...[breathless] you know, carry you... until I grew old
B: So this is the new you huh? A total romantic
T: Why not? I'm with my one true babe floating on a cloud all night
B: In our absolutely perfect wedding at the church of St. James. *Sigh* it was beautiful
T: I love you Blair
B: I love you Todd
T: Welcome home

T: I'm the luckiest guy in the world and I didn't do anything to deserve this
B: Don't you say that, because we've changed. Neither one of us are the people we were a year ago
T: I was a chump, didn't know what to do with someone like you. Would've been a real shame
B: ...I guess Andrew and all those other people were right, love does have a strange power

B: You died
T: What can I say Blair? I can't do anything right
B: I was alone, I was alone! I needed you...I needed to hold on to you. I wanted the world to stop! How could you do this? Why didn't you call me? How could you do that...hurt me the way I loved you! I loved you, I loved you, and I needed you!

B: Life may move on, but the pain never went away, not for a moment, no more than my love for you did

Blair (confesses sleeping with Patrick): ...but I swear to God it was out of my desperate loneliness...No matter what anybody told me, that I needed to get on with my life and get passed my grief Todd...I swear, I swear to you that I never ever stopped loving you, I never did...ever...


T (4th of July): I thought we came here to forget...
B: I thought we came here for the fireworks!

B: Remind me to thank you properly
T: I don't think I like properly
B: Whatever you say. You know some men buy their wives fur coats, diamond watches, a new car. My husband buys me a radio station and fires the goody goody talk show hostess
T: If that makes you happy
B: Would you do anything for me?
T: Don't push your luck

T: Maybe we should sit down tonight and try to figure out new ways to try to eat into their [Serenity Springs] profits
B: Oh yeah? [teasingly] What time tonight?

T (in the stables): You sure this is what you want?
B: Yes! You? [Todd kisses her]..No, I want to hear you say it. I want to know that you want me, say it Todd, say it
T: I do...I...want you

B: Todd, he's [horse] even more beautiful than I remembered. What do you think about the name Araby Valentino (sp?) ?
T: What, like that movie, actor guy?
B: Yeah, you know, the kind of lover any woman would die for

T: You want a drink?
B (walks up the stairs): I don't want anything Todd, except you. Can I have you?

T: Who tied him [David] up? Was it you or was it Dorian?
B: Well, it was the only thing I could think of to keep his hands off of me. Hey, I told you, nobody touches me but you

B: She's [Dorian] dying of curiosity!
T: Oh please, let her die
B: Oh come on Todd, she's my only family. Besides, I want to share our good news
T: I don't want to share you with anybody

B (wedding reception): Just for us? I mean, what about everybody else?
T: We are everybody else, you, me, and the baby. Look, I've got to share you with everybody for the rest of my life. Tonight, I'm keeping you all to myself

Only Soulmates Understand....


Blair: What else?
Todd: Don't worry, I'm just getting to the good part. You see, I get hit on by you which isn't really pathetic but then I get dumped by you which even you've got to admit is pretty pathetic.

Todd: What's the matter Blair? You look about as happy to see me as my parole officer used to be.

T: A couple of days ago if anybody asked me where I'd be in a couple of days, never in a million years would I have said married and with a kid on the way. Look who I married, She-Wolf of Llanview
B: Oh, excuse me, pardon me, but who are you, Gandhi?

Blair (to Andrew): I as crazy as it sounds to you I'm sure, but there were the good times with Todd that he made me feel safe!

T: You two have the same attitudes
B: Me and the horse?
T: You're reckless. Nobody's going to tell you where to go. And that's why when you said that you weren't going to take any more chances...Blair, if you stopped taking chances, you wouldn't be you. You go into everything full speed, as fast as you can and I...I envy you

T: So this is how you thank someone who bought you a horse?
B: No, I'm thanking you for knowing who I am
T: Well, why don't you tell me what I did so I won't screw up next time
B: Well, you said that I was like that horse right there and I love it that you think I'm wild and brave. But then again you always understood me
T: Kinda
B: you make me happy Todd, so happy. Can you stand that? Can you stand that Todd Manning that you actually make me happy?

B: Only you let me be who I am Todd, only you

Blair invites Todd to go horseback riding:
Todd: I grew up in Chicago. The only thing I know how to ride is a bus.

B: Are you jealous? You are! I love it!
T: Well you shouldn't! If you really made me jealous Blair, it wouldn't be thrilling or romantic like in a novel. The thought of someone else touching you makes me want to smash David's face
B: I know it shouldn't make me happy, but it does. Because I feel the same way about you. I don't want to share you with anyone. I want you all to myself...

B: I wouldn't care if you didn't have a dime
T (laughs): No, you're lying, you'd hate to be poor

D: But the groom on top of the wedding cake is Todd Manning! Honey, if you think you can tame him...
B: I don't want to tame Todd. I love him wild, reckless and unpredictable!

Addie: Please try to make Blair happy
T: I'll do my best
Addie: She likes to have lots of money
T: I think I got that covered. I'm going to shower her with gold

T: It's okay Blair, alright? I'm going with your blessing, everything is okay
B: Everything IS okay, that's the trouble. Todd, for the first time in my life, I have everything I want and the trouble with having everything...
T: that you can lose everything

B (to Patrick): You don't know what it's like. Everyone in this town hates me and no matter what I do to try to change that, they still treat me as if I'm a leper. Other than my family, Todd was the only one who really wanted to know the real me. He was the only one who loved me for who I really was.

T (to Viki): I have never been happy ever in my life...except for one time...when I first met Blair because she made me forget for one minute that just like the rest of my family, I was doomed.

T (to Viki): Truth has never been Blair's strong suit and trust has never been mine

T: If you think you can tame me...
B: I don't want to change you, I never wanted to change you

B (to Araby): Todd and I are exactly alike, just a little bit too wild and a little bit too free. But I'm the only one who can tame Todd and he's the only one who can tame me and no matter what, we both love each other very much

T: You know me Blair, you know me better than anyone else

Judge: Could you tell me what your feelings are right now about your husband?
Blair: I would have to go back to when Todd and I first fell in love. He was no saint, but neither was I, but yet he still loved me. We both had demons, our own demons gnawing away at us. Yet loving Todd made me less self-destructive and I thought I was doing the same for him. We were close in saving each other. But you want to know how I feel about him now? Like...I already lost him once when I thought that he died and now I lost him again because I save him from the darkness in his own heart. I thought Todd wanted to change at one time, but now I don't think that's possible and I can't protect him...from himself! But I can protect my daughter from the self-hatred and violence that comes out of that. I don't think that Todd would deliberately hurt Starr, but she will be hurt if she lived with him and saw that the light had gone out of his eyes. Please Your Honor, don't give custody of my daughter to a dead man

T: What were you doing out there looking for me this morning Blair? I thought you wanted me to freeze to death...was that it? You wanted to make sure I was gone this time?
B: I don't know why I went, I don't know what I wanted. I heard that you were lost and I had to find you
T: Blair, the whole time I was out there, cold in the snow, I kept thinking about two things and they were the same things I kept thinking about when I went over the cliff. I kept thinking about Starr and I kept thinking about you
B: Me? You were thinking about me?
T: Yeah. Look Blair, I'm not going to Heaven, but I started to think that...well maybe Hell would be okay, 'cause you're going there too, you know that

T: You know me so well
B: Better than anyone

T: That kid got my car shoveled out. Best seven bucks I ever spent
B: I thought you said it was five
T: What, you never heard of tipping?
B: Well no, I have. I just didn't know that you had!

Promises and Vows...

B: You don't want anyone else to benefit from your inheritance do you? I mean it wouldn't be fair to your children.
T: I'm going to take care of you, both of you...that's what I want to do

B: I want to make one more promise, one solemn vow...that we are going to be filthy rich! We are going to be big, we are going to be so powerful, we are going to have it all Todd! Money, mansions, power, a beautiful family, but most!

Blair (wedding vows): Before, when we were married, it didn't matter that it wasn't in a church since most of you know that marriage was based on a lie. But today, I wanted us to be married in the presence of God and our families because this time, I have nothing to hide. Trust...well it doesn't come easy for Todd or me, but I vow before God and you that I'm going to trust Todd and then he can have trust in me for the rest of my life. I know how lucky I am and I know not everybody gets a second chance
T: I have something to say also. I don't want to get dragged down by my past or haunted by it, not my past or my family's. All I want is to be a husband and to have the love and respect of my child

T: Why don't you meet me in London in a few days...we can go to all the snootiest hotels and then I'll buy you the crown jewels...whatever they're called

T: Nobody's going to stop us Blair. Just wait until I buy Llantano Mountain! We'll build a house there and call it Manning Manor. We'll sit on the sundeck and watch the sun set on Llanview...couple of kids running around playing...I gotta go...Blair? Blair I can't hear you, are you there? So long Mrs. Manning!

B: If you think for one minute that I ever stopped loving you, then you are very, very wrong, and I can prove it...You see that mountain peak right over there? Do you remember last year right before we got married, you flew me over Llantano Mountain and you pointed out and said that that was our future and you promised that someday we would own that land and that we would build a dream house there....Todd, when I thought that you had died and the idea of someone else owning that land...I didn't like it, so I bought it....Todd, why can't you see how much you mean to me, how much you've always , always meant to me. And I swear to you Todd that no one...that nothing could ever change that, not even your death

Sugar Sweet

T: Whatever I've got, it's yours and the kid's. I want him to have everything...or her. I'll tell you this much, whatever it is, this kid is going to know that he's loved and he's wanted...I mean, this isn't Romeo and Juliet, but.. I mean.. you can count on me. You can trust me like I trust you. You're the first woman that I've ever been myself with. Hey, I had to get married...I guess I'm glad it turned out to be you.

T: We can sit here on the terrace, sip mimosa's and look at our office building. Hey, THAT used to belong to Asa Buchanan too, are you sorry we bought that?
B: No, you made it possible to get Melador up and running
T: Yeah, look, you've got a dream honey, I want to give it to you.

T: Every habit I've got is a habit I've got to change...except with's just that being with you has made me feel like I have a reason to change

B: She [Addie] found out something what I've known all along...that there really is a heart inside there and that you would do anything to make me happy.

B: I have always needed someone to believe in me and to care, really care for me. I never had that...until now
T: Bet you never thought that it would turn out to be me, huh?
B: I'm glad that it did, really glad

B: You need him [Briggs]..
T: I don't need him, I don't need anybody! Except you

Marty: What about you? You keep telling me that I have to fight and you're not doing anything. If you tried harder at that marriage of yours...
T:'s way too late for that. There was one brief, bright moment, right before this miscarriage...I cared so much about her...about my baby. I was scared, but I wouldn't stop myself from caring.

T (fully awake): Hi Blair
B: Hey, you're going to be alright Todd
T: Yeah, sure I am...what are you doing here Blair?
B: For you, ya big dummy

Todd and Blair Lines, Part Two