Twinkle Twinkle Little Starr

B (reads card): For our little girl. Merry Christmas for our little star. Love Mom and Dad. Oh Todd, thank you, you just named our little girl! Our little Starr!

B (prays to God about Starr): Do whatever you want with me, just bring my little girl home safe. She's everything that I'm not! She's sweet, pure, innocent, she's good. She's all I got!

Todd (seeing Starr for the first time): Look at those tiny little fingers...she looks like what's-her-name ...Starr, my little star, ain't such a bad name

Blair (brings Starr to "meet" her daddy): Isn't she just beautiful? I think she looks so much like you

Todd (to Starr): So many things to learn about you, your favorite blanket, favorite food, how to shut you up when you cry. Do you like to be rocked? Or do you like the bounce? I feel like I gotta learn everything so quickly because you're going to change...I'll be there for you. It won't be like it was for me. I would lie down in front of a train for you and no matter what, no matter what you decide to do, you could be a bank robber or an accountant, it wouldn't matter. I would never make you feel stupid or worthless or bad. And I would never betray you in any way, I swear

T: Why isn't this working?
B: I don't get it, it seems like every time I read her the comics, she falls right asleep
T: You're forgetting it's my kid. Why don't you read her the police blotter

Todd (to Viki): When I first came to town, I didn't even want to touch my child. I was so scared that I would hurt her like I hurt everybody else and you told me I was wrong and I was wrong. And when I look at this child...tiny...perfect...and she laughs and I'm not scared anymore because she's not scared of me

Blair (explaining her grief): ...and then I got the phone call from Ireland a few days after that, saying you were dead. I wanted to curl up and die...the only thing that kept me breathing was our little girl growing inside my body
T: Turns out, she was worth it

Todd (to Starr): You're getting heavy! Must be getting bigger. Look at you, you've got your mother's smile, don't you? You keep smiling 'cause this shot isn't going to hurt at all and I'm here to make sure that everything's going to be O.K.

T: You know Blair, I'd never do anything to hurt that little girl. I'd walk through fire for her, anything, whatever it took to keep her safe

T: You and me God, we're going to make us a deal. You snap your fingers, wave your hand, do whatever it is you do, whatever to make my daughter better and I'll...I'll feed the hungry, I'll clothe the poor, I'll shelter the homeless...I'll make Kevin my lead reporter, I'll read Patrick Thornhart's poems every night before I go to bed, I'll even be nice to know what? Forget about that ...that deal's off the table. You make my daughter better and then you and me, we'll negotiate. And if you can't do that, then what are you keeping me here for?...You should've taken me in Ireland, you should've taken in that stupid plane crash, then I wouldn't have to sit here and watch while you punish my daughter for my sins! This is between you and me! You want to hammer me for hurting other people you go ahead, but you leave her out of this! She's good, she's so sweet....she's everything! She's everything I'm not. You...take me, not her.

T: I want my daughter to be alive, I want her to be healthy. I want her to play on the swings and get a dog...go to the junior prom. I want her to graduate from college, meet some guy who's not even remotely good enough for her and be the president of the United States of America. That's what I want for her...and she'll have all that if I have anything to say about that.

Todd (to Viki): My daughter...she's going to need a miracle and I'm going to give her one...I don't see why I get to cheat death and she doesn't. She's worth a million of me. I gotta help her Viki, I just don't know how.

T (to Marty): I don't care about the odds and the percentages. My daughter's going to beat this thing because I'm going to find a donor if I have to test every last person on this planet!

T: Alright Blair, just do you know, we're going to find a donor for Starr, we're going to do that. If nobody in the family matches, I'll pick up this whole country and shake it out until the right person falls out. She WILL get her transplant!

Blair (speech at fashion show): Todd and I are back together because of our love for our daughter and with the courage that you gave us, there's nothing that's going to stop us. Todd, is there something you would like to say?
Todd: Uh...yeah...the last time Blair and I had a bash on the S.S. Orion, I had to pay everybody to show up because you all hated me so much and well, I thought I was going to have to do that again, you know throw my money around, because I didn't think anybody would actually show up just to help my little girl. But I was wrong. I guess I just haven't learned the lesson Starr's been trying to teach me.....that real love is unconditional. That you can't reject it, you just have to return it, if you're lucky enough to have the time and that's what you all being here might have given me....time to show my little girl how much I love her and...time to much I need her mother back in my life.

Todd (to Starr before treatment): You'll have fun again soon, I promise. I want you to think about how many people want you to get well and I want you to think about how many people are pulling for you and I want you to think about how I love you

Todd (looking at Starr through the hospital window): I hope you understand. You're the one person in the world that I never wanted to hurt, but I have to let them hurt you in order for you to get better.

Blair: Did you just forget it was her graduation?
Todd: I had things I had to do.
Blair: Like blow all of us up?
Todd: Well, if it comes to that.
Blair: And you think your little girl's going to love you for blowing all of us up?

Bitter memories...

Todd (to Asa): The only difference between Blair and a murderer is a dead body.

Todd: Blair isn't that stable, Winslow, and don't forget about all those Cramer women in loony bins cutting out paper dolls.

Todd (to Blair): Did your lawyer send you here to see what's rattling in my closet? The cocaine is in the medicine cabinet, the uzis are in the hallway closet and the spare body parts are in the freezer.

Todd: You can morph into Donna Reed all you want, it's not going to help you win this case.
Blair: Yeah, and you're Clark Kent.

Winslow: Somebody has to play the bad guy when it comes to Blair. That's what you pay me for. Let me be the heel.
Todd: Just so long as you step on her.

Nurse: Should anything happen, just have one of the physicians give us a call...
Todd: No you see, that's what I'm worried about. What if some witch doctor in Fiji can't figure out how to use the phone? I mean, my little lollipop could die!

(Blair is in the sunroom where Todd's telling stories)
Todd: Once there was a duck that was so scuzzy and ugly that none of the other ducks wanted to play with him. But nobody knew that he was really a....
Kids: a swan?
Todd (looking at Blair): Close, he was a rich, smart, incredibly good looking newspaper publisher. [kids laugh, Blair leaves the room] So one day the ugly duckling decided he wanted to get back at all the other ducks who had been mean to him, so you know what he did? He bought the whole damn pond!

Todd: And the princess got ugly and old and grew warts and even the frog wouldn't kiss her.

Todd (after Blair and Starr move back into the penthouse): Wow, look at this happy loving family, instantly, just add water.

Todd: (to Blair) You have a sanity test coming up don't you. Why don't you go cram for it.

Téa: Thanks for reminding me, Blair, I do have to prepare Starr for your visit. You see, she's uncomfortable with strangers.
Todd: And there's nobody stranger than Blair.
Blair: (faux sweetly) Oh, you two underestimate yourselves.

Blair (to Todd): You're in one of those little women hating moods, aren't you?

Todd: Nobody tells me truth like you tell the truth, Blair.

Blair to Todd: No, you couldn't even keep the wife you bought. So, why don't you just do us all a favor, huh? Find some private cave, crawl up in there, and die.

Téa (about Todd & Blair): You two loved each other!
Todd: Well, I can't explain that, it was some kind of an alien abduction or something.

Todd to Téa: And Blair... well, Blair got all weird and told the truth about the rape. The little sidewinder slithered straight for once in her life... which really worries me.

Todd: What an ego.
Blair: Almost as big as yours.

Sam: Now as I understand it, you had some rather compelling reasons for wanting to limit Blair's parental rights.
Todd: Yeah, she's bananas.

Todd (to Sam about Dorian and Blair): This is the time to cut and run. It's the witches of
Eastwick in there. They're going nuts.

Todd: Love. You love, I love, she loves, everybody  loves. Love, love, love, love.