The Wedding, the Reception and the Goodbye

This summary is by Shannon.

The scene is set at St. James Church. Most of the pews are empty. The only guests in attendence are family-- Viki, C.J., Sarah and Joey for Todd, and the Cramer Women for Blair.

Blair stands at the top of the aisle smiling. She and Todd lock eyes. Her smile widens. His eyes never leave Blair. He is happy- happier than he has ever been.

They take each others' hands as Andrew asks the families to be seated. Todd and Blair listen intently to Andrew's words.

When Andrew asks for objections, Dorian struggles to hold her tongue while Addie, quite loudly, checks to make sure this baby is real. Cassie assures her that it is.

Dorian then gives Blair away to Todd, but not without a trademark threat. "Be good to her-- or else."

Todd and Blair begin to take their vows.

"I, Todd, take you Blair to be my wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse--"

Their voices become one. "for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,"

Blair alone speaks. "to love and to cherish until we are parted by death."

Blair then turns to address the church, her vows complete. She is candid and painfully honest. She has nothing to hide in this time. There are no lies, no secrets, only love.

Todd adds that he won't let his past or his family's past drag him down. He only wants love and respect.

Andrew blesses the rings and finally pronounces Todd and Blair husband and wife.

"Amen!" Blair says as she turns to her husband. They look at each other anxiously and tenderly before giving in to a long, loving kiss.

With the ceremony over, Todd and Blair leave their guests, but not before Todd promises Addie that he will shower Blair in gold.

They wind up at the Palace, where Todd has rented out the ballroom for them., and them alone. They are alone in the golden ballroom, except for the string quintet which serenades them.

"I've got to share you with everybody for the rest of my life. Tonight, I'm keeping you to myself," he tells her lovingly and they kiss to the sound of violins.

Later, Todd would toast to life with his wife, "past, present and future."

Alone they would dance in their ballroom. Blair felt the night was surreal, but Todd holds up that prophetic mirror to proves she's not dreamimg.

"If we were dreaming, we wouldn't show up in the mirror."

"That's only for vampires!" Blair responded with a laugh.

Her happiness would turn to anxiety when Todd accidentally broke the mirror. "That's bad luck, she sputtered nervously.

"We make our own luck," Todd responded as he took Blair in his arms. He gave the signal, and soon they were engulfed by a shower of gold balloons that fell from the ceiling.

They twirled around the ballroom holding each other, kissing each other, and above all, loving each other.

The scene shifts now to the Manning penthouse, where Todd holds his "one true babe" in his arms, not wanting to put her down.

They feast on chinese food, as they had done so many times in the past.

Blair walks to the window, staring at the world that Todd gave to her. She begins to climb the stairs, taking Todd's hand in hers.

"Make love to me Todd," she urges. "Right here, on top of our world. Love me, " she says as she removes his vest. Todd takes off her wedding gown. We are left with the image of Todd and Blair kissing on the spiral staircase. Their lovemaking is left up to our imagination.

It is the day after the wedding. Todd is getting ready to fly to Ireland to bring Marty back to see the dying Paloma. He needs to do this-- he owes her so much for what he did to her. Blair is enraged that he is leaving her the day after their wedding-- for Marty. Todd urges Blair to go with him, but she says that she can't-- Melador needs her.

Todd returns her anger. A business meeting is more important than a dying girl? He is incredulous. He storms out of the penthouse, leaving Blair to cry alone.

The scene shifts to the airport. Todd is pacing, hoping to see Blair come through the terminal. Finally, Blair races past security and into the waiting arms of her husband. He is thrilled to see her.

"I couldn't let you go fly over the Atlantic with me mad at you. and having rotten thoughts about you," she cries. They kiss passionately and Blair starts to cry. She grabs Todd and clings to him for dear life. She is afraid-- deathly afraid of losing him.

Todd understands her fear but assures her that it is unwarranted.

"The trouble with having everything. . ." Blair starts.

". . . Is that you can lose everything," Todd finishes. "I'm not going anywhere."

He then promises her "a honeymoon for the history books." They'll go to London and Paris, too. They'll sail around the world if she wants. "So, you wanna go?" Todd half-mutters.

"It wouldn't be a honeymoom without me," Blair responds with a kiss.

The pilot arrives and tells Todd that it is time to go. The fear washes over Blair again and she desperately clings to Todd.

Todd has to go. "I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I didn't do anything to deserve this," he tells her.

"Don't you say that," Blair tearfully replies. They kiss.

The pilot comes around again. They really have to go now. Todd pulls Blair into a kiss. They look longily at each other as Blair waves a final goodbye. She would not see him again for nine months, 9 months of her life that she spent believing he was dead- murdered halfway across the world.

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