Setting: Todd's Jail Cell
Scene: Todd had been pulled in and questioned for the rape of Barbara Graham. While there, he punched out a reporter. Blair has offered Todd an alibi for full custody of Starr. Feeling betrayed and alone, Tea visits him.


TODD: "What am I gonna do, Delgado? Blair turned on me. Why can't people just be honest?"

TEA: "Look, the important thing is not to panic. I'm here now and I have the situation under control. You know, you tore some skin, but I don't think you'll need stitches. Look, Blair's only holding one card, the alibi. And at this point, it's irrelevant, because you have not been charged with anything. Now, if and when that changes and Blair becomes a factor, I will tear her credibility to shreds. In the meantime, we'll find someone else who can verify your whereabouts at the time of the rape. How's that? See, everything is gonna be alright, ok?"

TODD: "Don't leave me."

TEA: "I'm your attorney. At this point, it would be unethical for me to, uh, walk away from you - from the case. But that is as far as I can go. As soon as this last crisis is past, I am, uh, following through with the divorce."

TODD: "You can't do that."

TEA: "Well, I am."

TODD: "No, Delgado. Look, I need you."

TEA: "How could you say that to me? I stood in front of you, more vulnerable than I've let myself be with any man, ready for whatever came next, and you threw me out, into a blizzard! Do you know how humiliating that felt? Do you even care?"

TODD: "Yeah! I do!"

TEA: "Well then say it."

TODD: "I should not have thrown you out into the blizzard."

TEA: "You know, that's probably the closest you've ever come to an actual apology. But it's not enough. Maybe I don't deserve Prince Charming, but I think, I think that I deserve better than you. I don't wanna hurt you, Todd, I don't. But I need to feel good about myself again. I need to, as a woman, as a human being. I need more than you are willing or able to give. I wanna be complete and as much as I might not want to be the case, we both know that it can't be with you."

TODD: "What if I could?"

TEA: "How many times did you make it very clear that we could never have what you once had with Blair?"

TODD: "Not that many. I mean it, what if I could?"

TEA: "Has something changed? Have you? If that's what you're saying, tell me. Are you willing to try? Can we have a real marriage?"

TODD: "If you stay... I'll give you an extra 5 million bucks."

By Candace