Téa waited patiently at the courthouse in her conservative wedding suit perusing the prenuptial agreement. She had to be sure there was no way Todd could get one over on her and hold out on her five million dollars. No way she would let him trick her or hurt her...not like Kevin.

Cassie dashed by and did a double take. “Téa you’re on the wrong floor. The courtrooms are upstairs.”

“I know.” she replied while thinking what a perfect time this would be to make little Mrs. Reverend jealous. She wanted to let Cassie know how happy she was without Kevin and that their little fling didn’t affect her a bit. “I have an appointment with the county clerk.”

“I don't cover weddings” blurted Cassie in a condescending tone as she walked away.

“Not even mine.” Téa smirked as she held up the engagement ring Todd had bought for her. She flashed back in her mind to the moment he gave it to her. Never had she seen anything so beautiful or expensive, let alone wear something like that herself. Never mind that Todd had said he only bought it for appearances sake. This whole wedding was for appearances sake so she couldn’t complain, especially since the ring didn’t come out of her five million.

Cassie’s jaw dropped and eyes widened in horror as Téa explained how Todd got the quickie divorce from Blair and that she and Todd were to be married today. Cassie ran off to tell Aunt Dorian and Téa couldn't help but gloat. Just then Todd arrived in a handsome cream suit and ready to get hitched. The focus once again returned to the prenup. Both of them had so much to lose. Todd could lose Starr if he didn’t create the picture of a stable family and Téa could lose her social standing and her reputation as a lawyer. Not to mention all the warnings from her friends what Todd was capable of. ‘But he’s changed’ she thought to herself, ‘he’s not the same man who did those horrible things.’

Just then a joyful wedding party burst out of the county clerk’s office. The happy couple and family emerged ready to do the bouquet toss. As the flowers were thrown Téa looked at all of them with envy and sadness. They were so in love and so happy. Nothing else mattered to them...not money, not custody suits, not anything. Was she doing the right thing? ‘Of course I am’ she rationalized to herself ‘What kind of fool marries for love? Love doesn’t last.’

Todd showed up with a bouquet of lovely white tulips. Téa smiled and smelled them and momentarily forgot the circumstances of the wedding.

Once again doubt began to creep into her thoughts. She held onto the green “coqui” her abuelita had given her for strength and luck. Even though it was merely a ceramic frog it made her feel as if abuelita was there and guiding her. ‘What would she think of all this?’ Téa thought to herself.

“Dont go getting all mushy on me.” Todd said as he spotted Téa stroking the good luck charm.

“You went soft first Manning!” Téa challenged.


Téa shoved the bouquet in his face as evidence of his more than friendly gesture.

“What that? We gotta make this look right.” Todd defended as Téa retracted the flowers into her tight grip. “So did that used to be a Prince?”

Téa looked down at the “coqui” and wondered if her Prince was really out there. Was he standing right in front of her?

As the couple said their I do’s Todd leaned on the podium of the county clerk as if to belittle the importance of the ritual. When advised he could kiss the bride, the two looked at each other in confusion and paused for an awkward moment. “I have a cold” Todd explained as Téa sighed in relief.

Kevin, who had heard the news from Cassie, had rushed to the courthouse to stop the wedding. He was too late and Téa enjoyed rubbing the marriage in his face. As Kevin questioned her Todd sat down on the floor like a bored little boy waiting for Mommy to go home. As Kevin insinuated Téa had married Todd because of her rejection she became red with anger.

“I love (pause) Todd” Téa declared as Todd tried not to look completely shocked. She had no trouble describing her fictional love for Todd. Anything to convince Kevin and herself that her actions were in no way caused bye the conceited reporter. “He fills my soul, like you never could.” was her final blow to the Buchanan ego.

“That’s enough” said Todd, sick of listening to his nephew AND his ego.

When the couple arrived at the penthouse Todd poured glasses of ginger ale to celebrate. Téa was disappointed she wasn’t worthy of champagne.

“Whats up with you and Kevin?” Todd asked out of nowhere. Not that he cared mind you but he’d be damned if he let his wife fool around with that arrogant punk. Téa assured him it was over and then awkwardness filled the room. Todd began to fully realize what he had done and that this meant Blair was really out of his life forever. “I gotta get out of here” He gave her directions to her room and left her keys on the desk. “You might want to get a new keychain.”

Téa stepped over to the keys. The keychain was a gold square with a single word engraved on it: Blair. She sighed and a frown overtook her face as she realized that she was merely a replacement to him. Blair would always be the one he truly loved. Unless...

"TODD AND TÉA: THE WEDDING" appears on the Manning Building site courtesy of its author, Cassidy.

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