Todd and Téa's First Meeting

Transcript courtesy of Candace

TÉA: So this is where the brain trust of The Sun hangs out. Why am I invited?

TODD: Well, I heard you were worth meeting.

TÉA: I heard some things about you, too.

TODD: None of them good.

TÉA: Well, that depends what you mean by good.

TODD: Well, whatever you heard about me, you probably heard from Kevin Buchanan. I heard you two are an item.

TÉA: Kevin and I are friends.

TODD: Yeah. I used to say that about Kevin a few lifetimes ago. So what did he tell you? I'm a sociopath? That I chew with my mouth open? I eat with my hands?

TÉA: I make up my own mind about people, Mr. Manning.

TODD: You can call me sir. I'm just kidding. Look, I want to thank you for coming to the fashion show and getting tested and all that. It means a lot to me, and to Starr's mother.

TÉA: Everybody wants your little girl to get well. So, now you've met me and thanked me, that's two down, any more to go?

TODD: Yeah, I wanna hire you. I'm looking for a defense attorney.

TÉA: Haven't you been in touch with Nora Buchanan? She pretty much owns the legal defense franchise in this town.

TODD: Why let the heavy hitters have all the fun?

TÉA: Good question. So, why do you need an attorney?

TODD: No, I don't. I need an attorney for a friend of mine. A brilliant, beautiful, desperately lonely woman who's been railroaded for a crime that she absolutely did not commit.

TÉA: Ah. And who is this innocent victim of an oppressive legal system?

TODD: You're a quick study.

TÉA: You bet.