Of Philosophies on Love and Bonus Payments

Transcript courtesy of Candace

The scene is set at Todd's Penthouse

TEA: Todd Manning, an open door policy? <she walks in to see Todd in the middle of a room full of stuffed animals> How strange.

TODD: What are you doing here?

TEA: I called your office and they told me you were working at home but they didn't tell me you were having a conference.

TODD: Not bad, huh?

TEA: Uh, pretty cute.

<Moose whistles>

TODD: Guess he thinks you're cute, too.

TEA: Woah. Who wound him up?

TODD: Eh, he's just showing off.

TEA: Wow. What's his name?

TODD: I don't know. He flew in my window and, he didn't have a wallet on him so I couldn't check his drivers license. You always just show up unannounced?

TEA: Uh, usually. I dropped by instead of calling cuz I figured you'd tell me to stay away.

TODD: Think I won't tell you to stay away in person?

TEA: No, you won't do that.


TEA: I'm far too irresistable in person. Especially when I'm after something.

TODD: Why do I think that there's gonna be money involved in this?

TEA: Maybe because you're right.

TODD: What? You got an armored truck parked out front?

TEA: You requested my services to make sure the murder charge didn't stick to Alex. It didn't, and I did. So I'm here to reap the benefits of a job well done.

TODD: If you do say so yourself.

TEA: Absolutely. And one thing is that you didn't request my services to defend her when she was questioned about the Armitage bombing. So we will need to discuss my bonus fee.

TODD: So you *do* have an armored truck parked out front.

TODD: I don't believe a bonus ever came up, counselor.

TEA: Not in so many words.

TODD: Not in any words.

TEA: Is this going to be a difficult negotiation?

TODD: That depends.

TEA: As long as I end up satisfied. I do find it hard to believe that a man of your stature would begrudge me fair compensation after all the success I've given you.

TODD: Seems to me Alex is the one who came out on top.

TEA: Oh, I disagree. I mean, you do have exclusive rights to her story after underwriting her defense. I'm sure you've more that recouped your investment.

TODD: Where'd you get that?

TEA: Facts and figures. I mean, The Sun's readership is up, so the ads must also be selling upwards. Your paper's making more money. I'm sure you can afford to pay me.

TODD: You've done your homework.

TEA: Well, I don't have much else to do.

TODD: You're not gonna bill me for all the ice cream you had to stay home alone and eat, are you?

TEA: If you wanted petty, you should've hired Nora Buchanan.

TODD: I'm not gonna make that mistake again. I did that once.

TEA: That's right. That's right, let's see. She defended you on your rape trial.

TODD: Defended me? She rolled over on me. She took a nose dive to make sure that I was punished. Now what else did your little muckraker friend Kevin shovel at you? <he notices that he hit a nerve with that comment> Sorry.

TEA: It's ok.

TODD: He dumped ya.

TEA: Horrible word, and, accurate.

TODD: Yeah, well he's better off. What's he with Cassie Carpenter now? The Minister's wife? Ex-wife, whatever you wanna call her?

TEA: Yeah, Kevin's lover sums it up for me.

TODD: Yeah, well, you're better off without them. You're much too on the ball to be hanging out with two goo-goo eyed losers.

TEA: That's right. I am smart. Smart enough not to make the same mistake twice. That's why I've decided I am not gonna get anywhere near any guy who I even remotely like.

TODD: And I thought that I was the biggest cynic in town.

TEA: Ah, no no no no. I'm not cynical, I'm just practical.

TODD: So, what, you just get what you want and that's all, the rest is garbage?

TEA: Exactly. Do you wanna hear my new philosophy of love?

TODD: Sure.

TEA: It's as easy to fall in love with a man who can open doors for you as it is to fall for one who'll slam them in your face.

TODD: Maybe easier, if you're as practical as you say.

<After pouring two glasses of wine, Todd moves a few stuffed animals off the couch so that they can both sit down>

TODD: It's like the bar car on the Metro Liner.

TEA: You're in an unusually good mood. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen you in a good mood.

TODD: Well, my kid's never gotten better from aplastic anemia before.

TEA: Starr's all better?

TODD: Yeah. She's coming home tomorrow.

TEA: Oh, that's great, Todd. Congratulations. [Tea says something in Spanish here - not knowing spanish, I can't transcribe it] To the littlest star's brightest day.

TODD: Hmm. You hungry? I've got some, uh, got some cheese crackers here.

TEA: Are those, are those yours or the parrot's?

TODD: Oh no, these are mine. His are under the hacek.

TEA: Oh. It's nice to see that you're not snooty, even with all this money.

TODD: What you talking about? I paid thousands for those cheese crackers.

TEA: Speaking of thousands...

TODD: Oh yeah, right. Feed the bird, pay the lawyer.

TEA: That's right, we have some business to discuss.

TODD: In the matter of your fee.

TEA: And my bonus.

TODD: Which we never discussed.

TEA: But which is eminently fair.

TODD: Maybe so. Look, you send me a bill and I'll, I'll pay it.

TEA: What? No hard ball? No haggling?

TODD: It's this miserable good mood of mine. It's ruining everything. And you did a good job. I don't say that to lawyers much. Anybody else for that matter.

TEA: I'm flattered. Thank you.

TODD: You planning to stick around? I mean, in case I need you.

TEA: Oh, my specialty's criminal law, not corporate.

TODD: Yeah, I know.

TEA: What? Have you got another friend in trouble? Or could it be you this time?

TODD: I've done a lot of things that weren't so smart.