Blair: You aren't really gonna sing me the praises of Téa Delgado, are you?
Todd: No, but like it or not, I'm married to her.
Blair: For better or for worse?

Blair: Todd sure is open minded
Téa: Excuse me?
Blair: He never let me date when I was Mrs. Todd Manning

Blair: (seeing Todd and Téa) Oh looky look, there's Todd with his latest purchase!

Blair: (to Moose) You little devil you. Is it true you stole Tea's watch
Todd: Yep
Blair: (to Moose, laughing) You keep up the good work!

Ian: (to Blair) Just so I'm following - It's not ok for Téa to marry Todd for his money
but it's fine for you to pursue me for mine?

Blair: There are two words for people who sell their services like you do Téa and
attorney is one of them.

Téa: (to an unusually quiet Todd) Oh, I get it, the pouty silence, the short fuse, this is a Blair hangover.

Téa: Thanks for reminding me, Blair, I do have to prepare Starr for your visit. You see, she's uncomfortable with strangers.
Todd: And there's nobody stranger than Blair.
Blair: (faux sweetly) Oh, you two underestimate yourselves.

Todd (to Téa for Blair's benefit): Let's get out of here. I think there's too many windows around here.

Todd: I saw Blair and Ian making out.
Téa: Augh! Poor Ian!

Téa (on Blair): That window wasn't high enough. I survived, and I'm going to make her live to regret it.

Téa (to Kelly): Men think they can handle women like Blair. We know better!

Téa: Blair is hardly a docile housepet. If she's scared, she's lethal.

Blair (on Todd throwing Téa out): If I didn't despise Téa so much, I could almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

Blair (to Téa): Are we back to lawyer-slash-wife mode? You know, that never really played for me.

Téa: I am out of the picture!
Blair: 'Til I give Todd an alibi! Sorry honey, no sale.

Blair (after overhearing Téa chew out Todd): Wow. Tough love?