They were friends-- two losers that everyone in Llanview looked down upon. The rapist and the town tramp. It was perfect-- or should I say pathetic. Nights at Rodi's were shared playing 'The Most Pathetic Game', to see who's life was really the worst. Blair Daimler and Todd Manning forged a friendship on loneliness and their equally miserable lives. They would go sledding on trays borrowed from Rodi's, lend each other a buck or an ear when needed. They didn't know it then, but they were soulmates.

Although she loved Cord, Blair always thought that their relationship was threatened because of Cord's closeness with his ex-wife, Tina. After a series of break-ups, Cord and Blair split for good when Blair learned an amazing secret. Blair learned that Todd Manning was Victor Lord's illegitimate son and heir to his fortune. Todd was the man David Vickers had claimed to be! Blair didn't reveal this information to Todd, however. Instead, she tricked Todd into marrying her by telling him that she was pregnant with his child, a child that she conceiving after their one night of love-making. They had agreed at the time that it meant nothing, but to each of them, it was a lot more than nothing. Blair finally thought she was getting everything she ever wanted -- a family, money and power. Blair was especially overjoyed when she learned that she really was pregnant by Todd. Blair let Todd discover his true birthright and he claimed Victor's fortune. Although most of Llanview despised them, Blair and Todd were happier than ever with their newfound wealth and power. Todd backed Blair's new business venture, Melador, and bought The Sun newspaper for himself. Their happiness was short-lived, however, when Blair suffered a miscarriage after being attacked by muggers. Todd, having been tipped off by Blair's enemy Max Holden, correctly determined that Blair had lied about being pregnant when she married him. Furious at her deceit, Todd had the marriage annulled after nearly raping Blair, but the sparks between the two refused to die easily. Blair threw herself into her work, and vowed revenge against Max.

The passion between these two Llanview outcasts never died, however, and Todd and Blair eventually reconciled. It all started with lunch at the Country Club. Todd invited Blair to lunch and they got to talking and reminiscing. When Blair innocently mentioned her birthday, Todd left the table. He had Blair sent a note to go to the stables. There, she found her dream gift from Todd: her horse Araby. Overcome, Blair and Todd admitted that they still loved and needed each other. At the same time, David Vickers refused to divorce Dorian Lord. To make matters worse for Dorian, David still had Irene Manning's incriminating, but forged, diary in his possession. With Blair's help, Dorian devised a planto make David commit adultery and at the same time Todd would steal the diary from him.Blair seduced an intoxicated David and then tied him up and blindfolded him.Without David's knowledge, Blair and a disguised Dorian then switched places. The Sun photographer was then able to take pictures of David making love with "another woman." Todd and Blair would leave the Bayberry Inn and take a private trip to "see our past, our present and our future" on Todd's new jet. It was here that Todd proposed to Blair, and Blair accepted, after telling Todd she was carrying their baby. Todd and Blair remarried and shared one last dance before Todd went off to his "death" in Ireland.


Blair was devastated over the presumed death of Todd.. Blair truly mourned for Todd and held Patrick Thornhart and Marty Saybrooke accountable for his death. When Patrick first arrived in Llanview, Blair planned to get revenge on him and Marty by seducing Patrick. Blair was aware of Marty's feelings for Patrick, but also knew that Marty was too weak to act on them. Patrick saw through Blair's manipulations. Blair dropped her vendetta against Patrick and Marty and tried to put the past behind her. It was clear that Blair and Marty despised each other, but Blair and Patrick developed a friendship.

During their period of closeness, Blair and Patrick made love one night. Afterwards, Blair was overcome by her memories of Todd, who was actually very much alive. Todd had been seriously injured in Ireland but had survived and had stayed away until he was completely recovered. On the same night that Blair and Patrick gave into their passion, again, Todd decided to return to Blair. Todd returned to Llanview only to find Blair in the arms of another man. Todd immediately thought that Blair had never mourned for him and that she had just thrown herself at the first available man. Todd couldn't believe that Blair was involved with Patrick -- the man he had risked his life for. Todd retreated and didn't make his presence known to Blair.

Devastated over what he thought was betrayal on Blair's part, Todd hid in Llanview and only let his sister, Viki Carpenter, know that he was alive. Viki tried to convince Todd that Blair had truly suffered over his "death" and urged Todd to return to her. Todd remained unforgiving and then planned on kidnapping his and Blair's daughter, Starr, and disappearing.

Blair was devastated when Starr was kidnapped and she was convinced that Carlo was responsible. For the first time, Todd became aware of Blair's anguish. When Blair went on TV to make a public appeal for Starr's return, Todd arranged for Starr to be taken back to Blair. Blair didn't know that Todd was responsible for Starr's kidnapping and a short time later, Blair received the shock of her life when a very much alive Todd appeared before her. Blair was thrilled that Todd was alive and wanted to pick up where they had left off. Todd, however, was distant because he knew about Blair's affair with Patrick. Blair loved Todd, but she never told him about Patrick because to her it was water under the bridge.

In time, Todd began to soften towards Blair. They worked together at The Sun and enjoyed being together with their little girl. Todd and Blair planned a huge gala aboard a yacht and invited all of Llanview. Blair knew that Todd would love her again like he had before and Blair decided to be completely truthful with Todd so that the past wouldn't come back to haunt her. On the night of their party, Blair told Todd about Patrick. This wasn't news to Todd, but he didn't let on. Instead, he forgave Blair and was relieved that she had been truthful. Blair would then sing a love song to her husband for all of Llanview to hear. Todd and Blair seemed to be back on track, but it was short lived.

Todd and Blair had finally found their way back to each other. But when Blair learned that Todd was responsible for having previously kidnapped their baby daughter Starr, she left him. Blair and Todd separated and began a bitter custody battle for little Starr. It was also during this time that Blair learned that she was pregnant with Patrick's baby, the result of a one night affair when she still believed that Todd was dead. Blair and Todd both had real feelings for each other, but both were too stubborn to admit it.

Todd and Blair's world was shattered when Starr became ill. Diagnosed with aplastic anemia, Starr needed a bone marrow transplant in order to survive. Todd and Blair launched a public campaign to find a compatible donor and decided to move back in together and present themselves as a united couple for the sake of appearances. With all of their energy focused on Starr, Todd and Blair softened towards each other. In fact, they were on the verge of a complete reconciliation when fate once again turned them upside down.


Blair's unborn baby was determined to be a compatible match for Starr, and Blair prepared to undergo a procedure in which her unborn baby's bone marrow would be extracted and used for Starr. It was then that tragedy struck. While driving with Patrick, Blair was involved in a car accident (caused by Kelly) and lost her baby, and Starr's potential savior. Fortunately, Alex Buchanan turned out to be a compatible match and Starr was soon on her way to a complete recovery. Aside from losing her unborn baby, Blair also suffered severe physical injuries. Blair went to Philadelphia for special surgery and Todd turned back into his old, vengeful self.

Before Kelly confessed that she was responsible for Patrick and Blair's accident, Todd became convinced that Patrick had caused the crash on purpose. Todd then began to plot his revenge on Patrick, unfounded as it was. Todd learned that Patrick had once been associated with a terrorist act that resulted in the death of a publishing magnate back in Ireland. Armed with this knowledge, Todd planted a bomb on the yacht of Guy Armitage and planned to frame Patrick for it. Todd's plan, however, went awry when Guy returned to his yacht unexpectedly and was killed in the explosion. Todd's plan had failed miserably. Patrick was soon cleared as a suspect in the bombing while Todd feared that his role in the bombing would be exposed. To make matters worse, Blair realized what Todd had tried to do to Patrick and ended her marriage to Todd once and for all. Todd and Blair were once again apart and both vowed to get custody of little Starr.

As a ploy to keep Starr away from Blair, Todd made a deal with lawyer Tea Delgado. Tea got five million dollars and all she had to do was marry Todd and act as though they were happy.

Todd would not give up his vendetta against Patrick and made a deal with Irish terrorist Thomas Kenneally. Kenneally came back to Llanview with another terrorist, Michael Mahoney, who was out to kill Patrick, Marty and Todd.

Marty and Patrick had a beautiful wedding on Llantano Mountain. Little did they know that their wedding reception would become the site for Mahoney's revenge. Shots were fired and Mel was wounded. Patrick chased Mahoney to Todd's penthouse where he was holding a gun on Tea and Todd. A melee ensued and Mahoney was killed and apparently, so was Patrick. In the ambulance, Marty realized that Patrick was still alive. The newlyweds decided that the only way they would be safe to raise their baby would be to disappear. Marty left a goodbye letter for Nora and Bo explaining she left town so suddenly because she couldn't deal with Patrick's death. Marty left behind enough clues for Bo and Nora to figure out that Patrick was still alive.

After the incident in the penthouse, Blair was more determined than ever to get Starr back from Todd. Blair now had another oppontent in Tea. Tea took every opportunity possible to bait Blair. At a charity auction, Tea went a bit too far and during an argument with Blair, Tea crashed through a window. Pending a mental evaluation, Todd was granted full custody of Starr. Not giving up, Blair had a new scheme. All she needed was to marry a man with billions - Ian Armitage! Blair's only problem was Kelly and Ian's budding relationship.

Todd was accused of raping Nurse Barbara Graham, but was later exonerated when Blair provided him with an alibi. Blair was rewarded with visitation rights to Starr. Barbara and Kevin became friends while he was in the hospital. Barbara later agreed to be Kevin's live in nurse and began to develop feelings for him.

Tea resolved to get a divorce from Todd, but he refused her. Nora, who was representing Tea, was surprised when Todd showed up with his own lawyer, Sam Rappaport. It turned out that Nora and Sam had known each other in Chicago. Sam got Tea to agree to a four week reconciliation and if she still wanted a divorce, Todd would agree.

Todd was upset the first time he had to leave Starr with Blair and when Tea comforted him, they shared their first kiss. Their bliss was short lived because after a huge argument about trust, Todd threw Tea out of the penthouse. When Todd agreed to trust Tea, she moved back home. As per Sam's suggestion, Todd offered Tea her freedom, but then asked her not to go. Viki encouraged Tea not to give up on Todd even when he said that he couldn't give her a real marriage. With Sam and Viki as witnesses, Todd got down on one knee, professed his love and proposed to Tea. Tea tearfully accepted and promised that she wouldn't pressure Todd to become intimate.

Blair intercepted a call for Kelly from Ian's lawyers and impersonated her when Blair found out that Kelly had inherited millions. Dorian caught on to Blair's game and schemed with her to get their hands on the cash, but Dorian was shot when she found herself in the middle of a botched robbery attempt.

Asa and Kevin were both convinced that Todd had something to do with Georgie's murder. This put a strain on Kevin's relationship with Viki. Kevin's personal life was in much better shape when he surprised Cassie by buying the Millhouse and moving David and Barbara in.

Rachel's fragile emotional state continued and she began to have delusions that Georgie was still alive. Max and Blair tried to find evidence that Todd killed Georgie, but Todd was hot on their trail. Max and Blair went to the lodge to look for clues and were locked in the wine cellar by Todd. Trapped, Max and Blair gave in to their feelings and made love.

Todd was convinced that the Buchanans were out to frame him for Georgie's murder and fled Llanview to Niagara Falls with Starr and Tea. Tea found bloody gloves in Todd's bag and called Sam for help, but Todd took off again.

Kevin discovered Todd with Viki at Llanfair and wanted to call the police, but Todd pulled a knife on Viki and forced them to the lodge. Todd had Kevin gather all the people he considered suspects in the murder and held them hostage with what eventually turned out to be fake dynamite. Todd was convinced he could make the murderer confess. Todd admitted that he found Georgie's dead body and buried it, but he wasn't the one who killed her. Locked in the cellar and thinking they were going to die, Kevin and Barbara made love. Blair wanted nothing more to do with Max when Asa revealed that Max was on his payroll to get information from her. Asa succumbed to the excessive heat and had a heart attack, but Drew and Barbara were able to save him.

During the commotion, Kevin pulled a gun on Todd and forced him out in to the woods. When a shot was fired, everyone raced outside. Thinking that Kevin was actually going to shoot Todd, Rachel stepped forward and finally confessed that she was the one who killed Georgie. The police showed up and were going to arrest Todd, but he escaped and later took Tea hostage. Tea was able to trick Todd and turn the tables on him. Tea later called the police and the newly reinstated Drew arrested Todd.

Blair insisted that she wanted nothing more to do with Max and went to Sam and the two made love. Max was hurt that Blair had slept with Sam, but he surprised her and proposed. Blair hesitated, but turned Max down.

Todd convinced Blair to help him escape from the hospital. At the country club, on the night of Asa's big party, Todd bid an emotional goodbye to Starr and Blair. Todd didn't go far because he surprised Tea when she walked in to the country club cabana.

Sam convinced Todd to let him in to the cabana and started to talk about the abuse that Todd had suffered from his father. Todd became agitated and Sam soon realized that Peter had sexually abused Todd as well. Todd snapped and he denied Sam's accusations. Todd threatened Sam when he suggested they use this information in court. Trapped, Todd had no choice but to surrender to the police.

At Todd's hearing, Sam started to tell the judge about Todd's sexual abuse, but never got the chance because Todd collapsed. Todd had fallen into a catatonic state. Kevin thought Todd was faking it, but Sam promised to stand by him. Viki rushed back after Sam's call and he told her about Todd's past. Max conned Blair into a date and wound up giving her an engagement ring. Blair had hoped that after seeing the ring, Sam would tell her not to marry Max, but Sam was too preoccupied with Todd to play her games.

When Todd finally came out of his catatonia, Kevin was more convinced than ever he had been faking it. Viki, Tea and Sam were puzzled by Todd's docile behavior. Based on a some comments by Todd and his sudden strange behavior, Viki figured out that Todd was most likely suffering from DID. Viki had uncovered that Todd had splintered into two personalities so far - Pete, the mean one and Tom, the innocent one - with Tom in control.

Kevin was determined to prove that Todd was faking his DID and convinced a skeptical Tea to help. Kevin's plan backfired and only proved to convince Tea that Todd's DID was real. When Starr insisted that she was now "Susie" and was no longer Starr, Blair finally got Todd to admit that he was faking his DID after all. Little did they know that Starr's tape recorder had been running and Todd's confession was caught on tape.

Todd made Tea nervous when he suddenly became "Rod" - a suave and sexy new persona. Todd made it through most of his interview with the state psychiatrist, but when things got too tough, Todd invented "Miss Perkins" - a schoolmarm that called an end to the interview. Meanwhile, Blair realized that she had a tape of Todd's confession. Max stole the tape from Blair and thought they should use it to blackmail Todd. When Blair wanted out, Max confronted Todd with the tape and blackmailed him to get The Sun. As Max put the pressure on Todd to sign over the paper, Kelly approached Todd with an offer to buy it.

Todd took the stand at his trial and during the course of his testimony, "Rod," "Tom," and "Miss Perkins" all made appearances. "Tom" even admitted that Peter Manning had raped him when he was a child. During his cross-examination, Todd was angered so much by Hank that "Pete" emerged and grabbed Hank by the collar. "Pete" continued to threaten everyone in court and confessed to all the crimes he had committed. Todd gave a very convincing performance because the jury soon found him not guilty. The judge set Todd free, but he would have to give up custody of Starr until his alters were completely integrated.

Tea agreed to marry Todd in the big, splashy wedding he promised. Meanwhile, Todd made separate deals with Kelly, Blair and Max promising each of them The Sun for something in return. Max or Blair had to provide Todd with the tape and Kelly had to make sure all the Buchanans attended his wedding. The one thing Blair and Max didn't know was that Starr had hidden the tape. After a delay, Todd and Tea were finally married. Max, Blair and Kelly were furious when Todd told them that none of them were getting The Sun because they all failed to come through with what they promised.

As Todd and Tea were about to make love, Starr wanted to play her special tape and asked Sam for help. Todd's confession was played throughout the country club for all to hear. Viki, Sam and Tea were furious and wanted nothing more to do with him. Tea accidentally got locked in the cabana and in her rage, she knocked over a candle. Tea was rescued by Todd and Sam and was admitted to the hospital. Tea turned down Todd's final plea to reconcile and he prepared to leave town. Todd said his final goodbye to Viki and Sam and cleverly left The Sun divided between Kelly, Blair and Max. On his flight out of Llanview, Todd was disturbed by dreams of "Tom," "Rod," "Pete," and "Mrs. Perkins." In turn, each of Todd's alters told him how much he had ruined his life by lying.

The preceding text was taken from "One Life To Live Through the Years", a feature of ABC Daytime on AOL without permission. I did not write the above text, but I did make minor edits for clarity.