The Sounds of Todd and Blair

Todd: "You shouldn't be second on anyone's list, Blair, not tonight, not any night"

Todd: "Blair, you wanna use me? You can use me anytime. I'll always let you use me."

Todd: "Relationships are weird"

Todd: "I've never had sex with somebody that I liked!"

Blair: "Will you hold me?"

Blair: "The Lord Heir!!"

Larry: "Todd, I'm afraid she's lost the baby"

Todd: "I love you Blair" (The first time he said it!)

Blair: "Let's make a baby"

Blair: "I've missed you so much!" (From the reunion at the stables)

Blair: "You make me happy Todd." (From the reunion at the stables)

Todd: "Will you marry me?"

Blair: "I'm pregnant"

Blair: "Yes, I will marry you!"

Todd: "I, Todd, take you Blair, to be my wife"

Todd: "Blair" (His 'last' word)

Blair: "We slept together"

Blair: "You took my baby!"

Todd: "I have a very interesting proposal"

Todd: "I've got a cold" (When told to kiss Téa)

Todd: (To Blair) "If she dies, you're gonna wish you went out that window"

Blair: (To Tea) "Remind me to laugh at your funeral."

Todd: "Blair, are you sane enough to be let out of the house?"

Todd: "Life sucks and then you die."

Todd: "You have a sanity test coming up, don't you? Why don't you go cram for it?"

Todd: "You should get her to do that thing she does, with the apple butter and the bananas." (He growls) Blair: "Get out Todd!"