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Here's some info about me, for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing! My name is Shannon Courtney. I was born on July 26, 1979. I'm from Northeastern New Jersey. Don't ask what my exit is, because the Turnpike doesn't run through my backyard

If you want to know what I look like, you can visit the first website I ever created. Our Memories, A Photo Retrospective is a compilation of pictures from my 4 years of high school. I created the site so that my friends and I would always have those pictures and memories nearby, even if we were at colleges hundreds of miles apart. I'll give you a hint as to how to find out which girl is me: I'm usually a redhead. Usually.

I attend Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'm  majoring in Journalism. I'm also majoring in Criminology, however that will likely change. I've switched my double from PR, to management to Criminology in one short year. What's one more change? Sure, it'll annoy my advisor, but that's my job.

I've been working as Webmaster/Director of Advertising & Marketing (fancy title, huh?) for an Import/Export company for 2 years.

Since you've found this page, you've visited my other sites, The Manning Building and The Florencia Lozano Homepage.


I've watched One Life to Live and Another World for about 12 years each. I've watched General Hospital on and off for about 7 years.


Todd Manning, OLTL;  Jake McKinnon, AW

Blair Daimler, OLTL

Téa Delgado, OLTL

V. Ardanowski, GH

Liz Webber, GH

Sam Rappaport, OLTL

Lila Roberts, AW

Lucky Spencer, GH

Cass Winthrop, AW

Paulina McKinnon, AW (Note I didn't say "Carlino" )

Luke Spencer, GH

ALL TIME FAVORITES: (Departed Characters)

Frankie Frame, AW; David Vickers, OLTL

Cecile DePoulignac, AW


BrenDuh Barrett, Mini Model from Hell, GH

Kathleen McKinnon, AW

Max Holden, OLTL

Clint Buchanan, OLTL


My favorites include:

Ally McBeal


Dawson's Creek

Bevery Hills, 90210

The Real World

Pop-Up Videos


My So-Called Life

21 Jump Street

Degrassi High


I love more or less all types of music. My favorite singer is Sarah McLachlan, who's songs are frequently used on One Life to Live. (ie; "Fumbling Towards Ecstacy--K/C's 1st love scene, "Witness", during Téa/Andrew's make-out session, and most recently, "I Love You", during Blair/Max's scenes in the Wine cellar.) 

My taste basically falls in the "Lilith Fair" performers range. I regularly listen to Sarah, Paula Cole, Fiona Apple, Julianna Hatfield, Janis Ian and Meredith Brooks.  I also love Annie Lennox, The Bangles, Belinda Carlisle and Madonna. (I was a late '80s kid, what can I say?)

As for the guys, I love Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, Live, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Matchbox 20. I'm also a huge Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Airplane fan.

I love dance music, and regualarly play 'Jock Jams' and 'Dance Mix USA' in my car.


So many movies, so little time. Here's a run down of the owns I own; should give you a pretty good idea about my taste!

Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy--"The Jersey Trilogy" (I love Kevin Smith! Can't wait for Dogma!)

Visit Kevin Smith's official website at
It's  incredible! Download the real ending for Clerks!

Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink  (John Hughes, Pre-Home Alone, is God)


Pump Up the Volume

Good Will Hunting

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Welcome to The Dollhouse

When Harry Met Sally

Pie in the Sky

True Romance

The Brothers McMullen

Circle of Friends

The Cutting Edge

Courage Under Fire

Donnie Brasco


Fools Rush In

Only You


Actors: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, Christian Slater, Mel Gibson

Roger Howarth, Tom Eplin, Tony Geary, Jonathan Jackson, Eric Morgan Stuart, Kale Browne

Actresses: Anne Heche, Winona Ryder, Janeane Garofolo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Meg Ryan

Florencia Lozano, Judi Evans Luciano, Lisa Cerasoli, Rebecca Herbst, Kassie DePaiva, Lisa Peluso


My favorite authors/columnists include: Judith Guest, John Leo, Walker Percy, Mary Higgins Clark, Jacqueline Mitchard


I'm a huge sports fan. I love the New York Knicks, even though they're "thugs" and "losers"  as some Chicago Bulls fans at MU informed me.  I love the New York Mets, which they don't make easy, believe me. My father's a Yankees fan, so my life is especially hard As for football, I root for the Giants and the Jets. I loathe the Green Bay Packers.


I would love to say I drive a BMW, but I don't. My first car ever was a 1987 Chevy Nova with 76,004 miles on it. I sold it with 82,004 miles on it 11 months after I got it. (No lie, I put exactly 6,000 miles on it. Very weird, isn't it?) 

This May, I bought my very first new car, a 1998 Mazda Protege. This is my (realistic) dream car.  I won't *officially* own it until I'm 23, but I love knowing that I'm doing this on my own, without help from my parents. I'm basically a slave to the bank and my insurance agent for the next 5 years, but as my parents keep reminding me, it's worth it.


The most arbitrary information about me. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

I read Tarot Cards.

Coca-Cola, not Pepsi.

My favorite meal is Carne Asada (Steak with Peppers and Onions)

Burger King, not McDonald's.

I love Cookies and Cream ice cream, any brand but Breyers. All-natural is NOT in my vocabulary.

Order out.  Just Say 'NO' to bad dorm food.

Favorite Candy: Starbursts

Domino's, not Pizza Hut.

Favorite Colors: Teal, Blue, Red, Black

To read some of my newspaper articles, head to and search the archives for Shannon M. Courtney. (Freshmen get the most *boring* stories)

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