This summary is by Shannon.

The scene is set at The Manning Penthouse

Patrick, having learned that Todd is alive, has thrown Blair an amorous Blair out of his garret. She returns home, enraged.

She slams the Penthouse door. She flings her purse and a flowerpot to the ground.

"I hate you!" she screams, frustrated that Patrick has refused her advances.

She stands, crying, in the middle of the penthouse. She hears footsteps and whirls around. She is stunned by who she sees. Todd staring right back at her.

"It's--I--I--" Todd starts towards her.

"No! No! No it can't be! Please, god, don't go! I'm not dreaming. Don't go. Don't!" She collapses sobbing on the stairs, covering her face. She doesn't want to look up and see him gone- another dream lost.

"It's not a dream Blair. It's not a dream," Todd whisphers.

Blair looks up and tentatively reaches out her hand towards him. Todd backs away from her touch.

"Oh, my god. You're real."

"Yeah, I'm real," Todd icily replies.

Blair is stunned. She can't face the realization that his is alive. "I'm dreaming. Stop it!," she yells to herself, pounding her hands against her head.

"Blair listen to me. Take a deep breath. Try to pull yourself together. "

She whirls around. "I went to Ireland," she cries. She saw where he died.

"I'm not a dream. I'm not a ghost."

It finally begins to sink in. She reaches out and touches his head. "You died," she whisphers.

"What can I say Blair? I can't do anything right," Todd retorts.

She was alone. She needed him. She grabs their wedding picture and shows him how she still wears his ring. She tried to keep his memory alive. She plays their old answering machine tape.

"I needed to hold onto you! I wan't the world to stop!" She is furious. Why didn't he call her? Why didn't he write and let her know he was alive? She hauls off and slaps him. She falls to his feet.

"I loved you! I needed you! Oh, Todd, I need you, I need you!," she cries.

Todd recounts the tale of his survival and why he never called. Blair tells him how she used to dream up different scenarios about how he could have survived. She is giddy. She was right. He did survive!

"It's a miracle!" Her eyes flash with happiness. "Oh, do I have a miracle for you!" She tells Todd about their little girl.

She will go to Cassie and Andrew's to get Starr. Starr must meet her daddy.

"You won't disappear again, will you?," she hesitantly asks.

"No," he replies.

She touches his cheek."Is this real? You are real?" She smiles. He IS real. She leaves to retrieve Starr as Todd lets out an aguishing sigh.

While Blair's away, Todd rummages through her belongings, finding pictures of her and Patrick together.

Blair returns with Starr in tow. She introduces her to her daddy.

She hands Starr to Todd, and recounts how his Christmas gifts prompted Blair to name their baby Starr.

"Yeah, I wondered about that," Todd replies.

Blair is elated. She has her daughter back and her beloved husband, too.

Todd tries to ask her about Patrick but she only says that she never stopped loving him. Todd flashes to his memory of Blair and Patrick on the Penthouse floor.

She wants to make love to him, but Todd can't stop thinking about her and Patrick. They will not make love, and things are never the same.

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