This summary is by Shannon.

The scene is set in the Manning jet.

Todd has taken Blair up on the jet to test it out before he buys it . Blair wants to know where they are going. Todd won't tell her anything except that they are going to see their past, present and future.

Todd reads to Blair from his mother's diary-- the diary which he just stole from David. The scene is both happy and sad. Todd is touched to learn that his mother didn't want to give him up, while Blair sits in agonizing silence about her own pregnancy.

Todd talks of moving on-- leaving the past behind them. He speaks in broad generalizations, but it is clear he is talking about their past. He loves her and he wants to put their past behind him.

"Come here," he calls to Blair as he crouches by the window. She comes near him, and peeks out the window.

"What are we looking at?" she wonders.

"Key West," Todd replies.

She is taken aback, hurt. She thinks that Todd took her to Key West to remind her of her lies and the pain that they caused. Todd is surprised that she thinks that.

"Do you really think that's why we came here?"

Blair apologizes, but that's not what Todd wants. He doesn't want her apologies for their past. He wants to forget it and move on. He wants happiness and he wants it with Blair.

Blair wants the same, but she can't give in. There is still the secret that she carries, a secret she can no longer keep from Todd. However Todd doesn't want to hear it. He doesn't care about the past.

"I want a life Blair-- a real life-- and I want it with you. " He pulls a small, black velvet box out of his pocket. Blair stares at Todd, then the box, and then back at Todd again.

"My God, it's beautiful!," she exclaims breathlessly, the tears welling in her eyes.

"A little big though, isn't it? But hey, it does catch the lights," Todd jokes, a smile playing on his lips.

Todd draws back the ring. Maybe he should have pretended he lost all of his money- to see if she really loves him. Blair wouldn't care if they were penniless, she replies, because they would "lie and cheat and get every penny of it back."

Todd puts back the ring. "Will you marry me?," he whispers to a tearful Blair.

She loves him so much, but she can't say yes. Todd thinks it is because of his past, but Blair assures him that it isn't.

She finally blurts out the truth-- she is preganant, and yes, he is the father. Todd is hurt and angry that she never told him. He calms down, though, and assures Blair that he knows he is the father. Blair cries that she tried to tell him so many times but they always wound up in a fight. She sobs that she almost had an abortion but that she couldn't go through with it.

"Do you want to take bavk the proposal?," Blair asks matter of factly.

"Do you want me to?"

"No," Blair responds, as she promises that she won't be scared and that she will trust in their love.

"Are you trying to tell me something," Todd asks.

"Yes," Blair smiles happily. "Yes I will marry you!," she exclaims. Todd smiles at her, and they share a tender kiss.

Todd promises Blair he will never let her go. He will try to share his feelings., He will be honest-- he will not make the same mistakes that his parents did.

Blair, too, makes a vow. She vows that they will have "money, mansions, power and a beautiful family. But most of all-- Love." With that said, she leans in and the former (and soon to be) Mr. and Mrs. Manning share a long, tender and loving kiss.

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