The scene is set at Dorian's Penthouse

Todd has just returned from Asa's. Asa had informed Todd about Blair's history with faking pregnancies to get her hands on the money of rich men. Todd, having just learned that he is the Lord heir, fears that Blair has played him for a fool.

Blair is ready to celebrate but Todd isn't. He throws the 'For Sure' pregnancy test at Blair and demands that she prove she is really pregnant.

Blair is scared. She knows that she isn't pregnant. She rails at Todd for believing Asa, of all people, over her. She reocunts their friendship and how she's 'never lied' to him.

"Then take the test," Todd retorts.

She has no choice-- she must take the test. She returns from the bathroom moments later and throws the test down.

Time seems to crawl by. Finally-- it is time. The test is done.

"Blair," Todd states, looking up from the tester.

She is crying, terrified. If she's not pregnant, she loses it all. The money, the marriage, her best friend. She can't look at him.

"Look at me," he orders. "Turn around." She doesn't move. "Turn around!," he repeats.

She whirls around. "Well, you've got your answere. Just say it! What are you waiting for Todd, just say it! Say it!," she screams as Todd just stares at her silently.

He slowly walks towards her, staring at the test. "You're pregnant," he states.

She is stunned. "What?!," she asks, thoroughly surprised.

"You really are. You're pregnant." Todd is just as surprised as she is.

Blair quickly composes herselg. " Well, I told you that I was!," she huffs. She tears into him about his being so ready to believe the worst about her.

He didn't want to but this is all he has. He needed to be sure. He apologizes to her.

Blair wants to part of it. She angrily tells him to find a new wife. She is annoyed that he would believe Tina and Asa over his own wife.

Todd stands there and listens to her angry words. She tells him to leave and never come back.

He is stunned. "I screwed up!," he exclaims. "What, like you've never done that? Like you've never hurt somebody who might have meant something to you?"

Blair begins to soften. He asks Blair to give him a chance to learn to trust. He wants a chance to be a father.

"We can talk this out, " she offers. He is visibly relieved. He leaves to get Blair a glass of water.

Blair makes sure he's out of earshot before she giddily grabs the pregnancy test off the table. "Oh, my god! I am pregnant!" She rolls her eyes upward in elation. "There is a God!"

Todd returns with her water. He tells her that he wants their marriage to work. He promises Blair he'll try to trust her.

"You know what I wish?," Todd asks.


"I wish I has a gift for you, like the one you gave me for Christmas, remember? You'll never know what that meant to me."

Blair smiles. It meant a lot to her, too. She grabs his hand. "It turned out to be some present, huh?"

Todd wants a second chance. Blair embraces him and they kiss. He will get his second chance.

Todd and Blair retreat to the bedroom to make love. Afterwards, they lie in bed together.

They talk about getting his inheritance and the family they have created.

"I'm gonna take care of you. Both of you. That's what I want to do," Todd asserts to his wife.

She kisses him on the cheek.

Todd is asleep. Blair is awake. She touches his skin gently, and smiles broadly. Todd is tossing and turning. Blair sinks her head into the pillow. Todd finally comes to rest, his head falling lightly upon Blair's. Their faces are side by side, and their arms are intertwined. They are the picture of serenity.

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