An Ode to Todd and Blair

A couple of misfits, were our Todd and Blair
They made us take notice--we couldn't help but to stare!
Todd of the brown eyes, Blair of the green
A more well-matched couple we never have seen
They started off as friends...the ex-con and the vamp
Better known in Llanview as the "rapist" and the "tramp"
The first time she noticed him was sitting in a bar
She started up a conversation, but was not impressed by far
She was put off by his ankle bracelet, and yes,she told him so
To which he swiftly did reply "Well then--get up and go!"
Blair did just that, but alas--it would not last for long
In one another each one found a place they could belong.

Blair was in love with Cord--she thought she was his life
But Cord was just unable to stay away from his ex-wife!
Blair finally had enough--"I can't take it anymore!"
She left Cord all alone, and showed up at Todd's door
Todd tried to put off the drunken, amorous Blair
He didn't want to hurt her--he had begun to care!
Todd was shaken and insecure. Dare he participate in this tryst?
But Blair was *way* persistent...she silenced him with a kiss
They went to Dorian's penthouse, looked at the stars above
And out of their mutual need, the two would then make love
They vowed to put their friendship right back to where it was
Adoring each other, protecting each other
No reason--just because.

One day Todd left Llanview...he was heading for Key West
Blair would miss her co-pathetic buddy
This friend who'd become her best
Soon, Blair discovered a secret...her friend that she adored
Was indeed a millionaire--the son of Victor Lord!
Blair sought Todd out--would she, perhaps, change her plan, maybe?
Oh, no! Blair to Todd--"We're expecting a baby!"
Todd wanted a part in this life that Blair now carried
So he and Blair went off to Key West, where they were promptly married
But Blair had a problem, one she could not deny
The baby was, in fact, nothing but a lie.

As the Mannings' feelings for one another grew
Blair(and Todd) found out, the "lie" had now come true!
Todd and Blair were happy--they built their home and hearth
Awaiting with anticipation the day of their child's birth
But 'twas not to be...
Tragedy struck the Manning family
After a vicious fight, Blair went out in the night...
She was mugged... but alive
Sadly, the child did not survive
Todd and Blair were heartbroken; they began to drift apart
But something brought them back together--was it, perhaps, their hearts?

They looked into each other's eyes and escaped into a place
One that was stormy, but ironically calm
Where love would be embraced
One morning Todd would say it...the words so very true
He would say the magic words--specifically, "I Love You"
Blair was giddy with emotion, her heart would beat so wild
To her husband she declared "I want to have your child"
The Mannings were once again happy, but, this too, would not last
A new problem had arisen--one they just might not get past
Todd had discovered Blair's very big lie
And, oh, this time, Blair could not deny!
Todd was enraged--What had happened to his life?
How could she do this--his beloved wife?
A violent fight ensued--one quite like no other
Todd vowed to make his liar wife pay--oh yes, she would suffer!
She told him to get out--told him to leave
He said they were finished---*that* she'd best believe
With their marriage annulled, Todd and Blair were now free
Yet, their love still survived--that much we did see
Blair had a new secret, her dream come true!
To whom would she give her joyful news to?
For Blair was again pregnant...a baby she'd have
A baby to love--a baby to laugh!

As time went on, Todd approached Blair
They admitted their feelings--they really *did* care!
They had a "roll in the hay"--all T&B fans squealed!
Todd and Blair's hearts had once again healed
Blair shared with Todd her secret--oh was it worthwhile!
To tell her truelove she was expecting their child!
They were married again, their vows they had shared
With a long, tender kiss, these two people were paired
They'd face whatever happened, they'd face it together
They planned to spend their entire lives together, forever
But something had happened---Blair could not believe
Todd had to help Marty--he had to take leave!
Before he left, Todd and Blair had a fight
She had to go see him--she must make things right
But before Todd went up and away in his plane
Blair caught up with him...she had to explain
They said "I'm sorry", but Blair could not lie
She didn't want Todd to leave--but they must say good-bye.
The pregnant Blair would get quite a shock
Her premonitions were stronger than she had once thought
Todd, her beloved, was first shot, then killed
Oh, how would the empty hole in her heart be healed?

One year later, things would drastically change
In Llanview, it's an occurence that is not quite so strange
You see, Todd did not die---yes he had survived!
He had to let Blair know, he was very much alive
Todd walked in on something he could not ignore
His wife and the McPoet---rolling around on the floor!
Needless to say, this just weren't the same
Too much fighting--so much blame
What would become of our Todd and our Blair?
Helpless T&B fans could do nothing but stare
Custody battles--my gosh, will it end?
How on earth could this relationship mend?
Blair was now pregnant with Patrick Thornheart's child
Todd found out. Todd went wild.
One car accident later and the baby was lost
Who would help Blair cope with her grief and her loss?

Blair had to leave town...she'd be back, she had said
First, she must concentrate on her poor, injured legs
Blair was gone for quite a while
Perhaps, Todd and Blair would now reconcile?
"Oh, no..!" cried the mighty Labine
"Are you T&B'ers absolutely out of your minds!?"
"No--I'll make Todd blow up that naughty Sir Guy...
That'll make Blair say "Adios--Bye, Bye!"
Blair had been pushed pass the point of provoked
While speaking with Dorian, she suffered a stroke
Blair was in a coma---her marriage would end
Into whose arms, would Starr be sent?
Todd soon had to make the deal of his life
To keep his "Shorty", he must take up a new wife
Tea Delgado is his wife's name
For Todd, some things may never be the same.

An enraged Blair is now fully awake
What amount of damage will be left in her wake?
Her marriage now over, her child has been taken
The old, nasty Blair would quite soon be awakened
Todd has gotten himself into quite some bind
By reacting first, without using his mind.
Todd may be married, and Blair may deny
Still--that oh, so hot passion refuses to die
The glint of her eyes, the sound of her voice
But what could he do? He had no other choice!
Todd and Blair are not together, as they should be
Todd and Blair fans--have faith
As we all wait and see.