TODD: "So what do you want? I mean, besides the divorce, because you can't have a divorce, you can't have a divorce. So that's why you're all dressed up in the whole girl thing?"

TEA: "It's not. I keep thinking about that day in your office when you said that you loved me."

TODD: "Yeah? People say things."

TEA: "Yeah. Yeah they do. But you never said that to me before."

TODD: "It's not like you were impressed or convinced."

TEA: "Well, that's not entirely true. Confused - it's a better word."

TODD: "I don't know what you mean."

TEA: "I mean, uh, maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe you do love me. And maybe I feel the same way about you."


TEA: "You do love me. I know how hard that must've been for you to admit. And it was just as hard for me to believe, so I, I tuned you out. But now, I can't get your voice out of my head... saying those words. Words that I'd waited a long time to hear."

TODD: "So, why'd you walk out on me?"

TEA: "I don't know. There was a lot going on, and like I said, I was confused, but, um, I'm tired of fighting with you. You know that I'm very attracted to you, and I thought, um, I thought if we could be alone, away from all the lawyers and all the distractions, maybe we could figure out
where the two of us stand - together."

TODD: "And then what would happen?"

TEA: "Whatever comes naturally."

TODD: "Well, um, we're not really alone here."

TEA: "Um, we could go up to my room. Shut out the rest of the world and just, just be together. I'm sure we could find some way to, uh, communicate."

TODD: "Wait a second, `cause um, well I don't wanna rush."

TEA: "I might've known you wouldn't be able to rise to the occasion."

TODD: "What?"

TEA: "Most men would see an invitation to a woman's hotel room as an opportunity. But now you. Not mixed up, impotent Todd."

TODD: "What did you just say to me?"

TEA: "You probably wouldn't even know what to do up there anyway. Oh, what's the matter? Does the truth hurt? `Cause the truth is our marriage was a joke `cause you were never man enough to make it real."

<Tea stands to leave, but grabs her hair and is only inches away.>

TODD: "Nice. Very nice try. But if I ever throw you out of a window, there won't be anybody around to watch. You know why you'll never leave me? Because you and I are more alike than you think. What you just did...we belong together."

By Candace