"I guess the sound quality isn’t as good as I thought it would be," Lucky mutters, straining to hear the tape. They are seated on the floor of the boxcar, facing each other.

"Can you hear anything?," Liz asks, anxiously.

"Sort of… it’s getting a little clearer now." He places the recorder on the table.

~*~MURTY: "Yes, Jordan. You do remember who she is, don’t you."
LIZ: "Yes, I remember who she is.Jordan Baker is the character that connects Nick to Gatsby and Gatsby to Daisy."

MURTY: "Anything else?" Murty audibly sighs. "You know I really don’t have to be doing this Elizabeth. I have better things to be doing with my time than tutoring someone who obviously doesn’t want to be here. I could be reading a book, watching tv, jogging in the park—"~*~

Lucky turns to Liz. "He mentions the park… that’s something," he says.

"But it’s not enough," Liz says emphatically. They return their attention to the tape.

~*~ LIZ: "You can’t buy love or manipulate it... you have to earn it. Sometimes you fall in love at first sight, but sometimes, it takes awhile for you to realize what’s happening."

MURTY: "You sound like you’re speaking from experience."~*~

Lucky glances at Elizabeth, whose face has turned a lovely shade of scarlet.

~*~MURTY: "Well, it’s pretty obvious to me that young Lucky Spencer is very enamored of you. I’m always seeing you two together, in the park, the docks, at Kelly’s… If I didn’t know better I’d think you’re following me."~*~

Lucky face flushes slightly. "Can you believe his nerve," Lucky croaks, trying to block out Murty’s other comments, "thinking we’re following him! I could kill him."

"Lucky?," Liz interjects, not wanting to let this opportunity escape.

"Yeah?," he says nervously.

She bites her lip. "Can I tell you something?"

Lucky shuts the recorder off. "You can tell me anything, Elizabeth, you know that."

"You know how I said I had a crush on you?"

Lucky’s heart starts to beat faster. He licks his lips, before replying, "Yeah."

Liz casts her eyes downward, nervously wringing her hands. "I… I really loved kissing you last night," she confesses, glancing quickly at him.

Lucky smiles. "I really loved kissing you too." Their eyes lock momentarily, before Lucky breaks the gaze.

"What’s wrong," Elizabeth asks, suddenly fearful. I should have kept my mouth shut!

"Nothing, uh, I just have… I have a confession to make," Lucky says. Now’s your chance Spencer. Just do it!

"I’m listening," Liz replies, anxious. Oh, please, let this be something good!

"You know, watching that movie last night… and that scene in the car… I’ve wanted to say those words to you so many times." He draws a deep breath, looking expectantly at Elizabeth.

Liz blushes. "You have?"

Lucky nods, taking her hands in his. "You’re probably the best friend I’ve ever had… I mean, I can tell you things that I could never tell anyone else, and you actually get it. Man, I’ve never had someone who was there for me, who really listened to what I had to say." He gently rubs her hands, gaining more confidence. "You’re not just a friend to me… I mean, ‘best friend’ can’t even begin to cover what I feel about you." Liz stares at him, wide-eyed and speechless. "I don’t even know why I’m saying this now… maybe it’s a full moon… I just felt like I had to get it out in the open… you are my soul mate, Elizabeth Webber," he says softly, "and I love you."

To be continued...