Elizabeth paces nervously by the back door to PC High. Where is Lucky? She wonders nervously, looking around.

"Hey," a voice calls to her.

Elizabeth whirls around, relieved to see Lucky heading toward her. "Thank God! I was starting to worry!"

"You know I'd never leave you alone with Murty. I just wish I could be in that room with you. Did you bring the knife?" Elizabeth pulls it out of her pocket, displaying it for Lucky. Her hand shakes slightly as she holds it up. Lucky notices, and places his hand around hers, steadying it. "Are you sure you'll be able to use this if you have to?"

She slowly nods. "Yes. I will not let Murty rape me again. I'll kill him before I let him to that to me again," she hisses.

Lucky folds down the blade on the knife. "Put this back in your pocket, okay? And take this," he says, pulling a mini recorder out of his pocket. "It's smaller than the one Murty took from you, and it's voice activated. You don't have to worry about tapes running out or anything like that. Just stick it in your pants' pocket with the microphone facing up."

Elizabeth sticks the recorder in her pocket. "Do I need to press record or anything?"

Lucky shakes his head. "Nah, I already set it up for you. It's recording as we speak."

Elizabeth pats the recorder. "Thank you, for all of this. I couldn't get through this without you, Lucky."

Lucky shakes his head. "You could have gotten through this without me, but you don't have to. I will never leave you alone Elizabeth. You're the strongest person I know."

Elizabeth smiles. "I'm not that strong," she says wistfully.

Lucky clasps her hands in his. "Yes, you are!" he replies, forcing her eyes to meet his. "Don't ever doubt that."

Elizabeth bites her lip nervously. "I should probably get inside."

Lucky nods, slowly releasing her hands. "I'll go get into position." He starts to walk away but pauses. He turns back and smiles. "Just remember, you're never alone."

Liz nods, a tiny smile on her lips. She waves before walking into the building.

I can do this, she tells herself. I've got the recorder and the knife in my pocket…. And Lucky by my side. She slowly walks into the classroom, and over to the window. She smiles, seeing Lucky crouched in the bushes. She takes her seat.

"Elizabeth, are you ready to finish what we started last week?," Murty asks, walking into the room.

She nods, subtly fingering the knife in her pocket. "I'm ready to finish this, Mr. Murty," she responds, cooly.

To be continued...