Elizabeth slams the door behind her, silently cursing her grandmother's timing. I was so ready, she thinks. We were so close to that kiss, and then Gram has to walk in the door ruining my moment of normalcy. She sighs, flopping on her bed. Her eyes glance over to her stereo. Music. I need music.

Elizabeth pops a cassette into her stereo, pressing play.

~* Elizabeth..go to sleep..I want to watch you breathe..to feel God's peace..all I want is this...Elizabeth… All I want is this..Elizabeth..ooh as you kneel beside before your bed tonight..keep a little prayer for me in sight..Elizabeth"*~

She flops back down on her bed, listening as Lucky's voice fills the empty space. Never in her life had anyone done something so special for her. Lucky's song was the sweetest, most precious gift she had ever received. The sound quality on the tape wasn't the greatest; what does someone expect of a song recorded in a garage? But the words, and the feelings behind them, were as clear as they would've been if recorded in a professional studio. Liz smiles, recalling the mortified look on Lucky's face when she first played the tape. As the song trails off, she rises from her bed and heads back over to her stereo, rewinding the cassette. She presses play again.


~* Elizabeth..go to sleep..I want to watch you breathe..to feel God's peace..all I want is this...Elizabeth…*~

Elizabeth whirls around, her eyes darting to the window. Lucky grins at her through the glass. She runs over to the window, throwing it open.

"Hi," she smiles, shyly.

He climbs through the window. "Hi yourself." His face goes white as the song playing on the stereo registers. "Oh… you're listening to it again?" He cringes as his listens to the recording. "Are you sure you don't want a better copy of this?"

She shakes her head. "Absolutely not. I love it." She bites her lower lip, contemplating taking that admission a little further. She shakes it off. "So, what made you comeback? Some big animals lurking in the boxcar?"

"Well, you said if I climbed onto the roof you'd think about letting me in. So here I am," he smiles. "I waited until the lights were off downstairs. I didn't get a chance to thank you for this evening or to say goodbye properly… I had a lot of fun tonight."

Liz sinks onto her bed. "Gram has terrible timing, doesn't she?"

Lucky takes a seat beside her. "I don't know, does she?"

Liz smiles, silently thanking him for his gentle questioning. "Yes, she does. I meant what I said before. About kissing you," she says softly. "I really was ready this time."

Lucky blushes slightly. "I… uh, I…" He swallows hard, his heart beating faster in his chest. "Me, too," he finally croaks.

Elizabeth can feel the blood pulsing through her veins. It's now or never. She inches closer to Lucky, her eyes locked on his. Lucky tilts his head slightly to the side, leaning towards her. Their lips slowly touch in a sweet, tender kiss. They slowly move apart, fluttering open their eyes. Elizabeth looks expectantly at Lucky, her eyes growing wide and hopeful.

"Wow," he says slowly, a goofy grin playing on his face. It was even better than I dreamed, he thinks. Elizabeth beams back at him. She's so beautiful, he thinks to himself. You were an idiot not to realize it sooner.

"That was… Can we do that again?" Liz questions, her heart pounding. Lucky nods, thrilled by her request. He slowly leans in, and his lips slowly meet hers again. He slowly runs his fingers through his hair. They slowly separate, their faces adorned with identical smiles.

"I don't want to, but I should probably get going," Lucky whispers. "I don't want your grandmother to get angry."

Liz nods, still smiling. "Yeah, I guess you should probably get back to your home."

Lucky leads her by the hand over to the window. He pushes up the window and climbs onto the roof. He pauses and turns back to Elizabeth. Leaning back through the window, he gives her a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Sweets dreams, Elizabeth Webber."

Her smile grows wider. "Sweet dreams, Lucky Spencer." She closes the window over, watching as Lucky disappears into the night.

Sweet dreams, indeed, she smiles, gently touching her lips.

To be continued...