As the credits roll on the film, Liz and Lucky sit silently, neither wanting to move or say a word.

Lucky breaks the silence, reluctantly. "That, uh, that was a good movie."

Liz nods. "Yeah. Good." She smiles, thinking about the look she and Lucky shared.

Click! The tape stops and automatically starts rewinding. The sudden sound causes Elizabeth to jump, breaking the moment. She sheepishly smiles a Lucky. "Sorry."

He smiles, shaking his head. "It's okay. I suppose I should get going."

"You don't have to go!," she exclaims. A warm blush washes over her face.

Lucky's heart starts to beat a little faster. "What do you want to do?"

Liz draws a deep breath, summoning her courage. "Something I've wanted to do…. hundreds of times….," she whispers.

"Are… are you sure?" His heartbeats so loudly he can hear it in his ears.

She nods, staring deeply into his eyes. "Yes." And she means it this time.

They move slowly together, tentatively, the anticipation building within them. Lucky reaches up, gently brushing a stray hair out of Liz's face. They tilt their heads, and draw closer. Liz's eyes flutter shut, her heart pounding in anticipation.

"Oh, my!" Audrey announces loudly, embarassed, shutting the door over behind her.

Liz and Lucky fly apart, faces red, foiled, yet again. Liz glares at her grandmother. "Gram!" She composes herself. "I mean, hi, Gram."

Audrey smiles apologetically. "Elizabeth! Hello, Lucky. I'm sorry, I didn't expect to see you two here. It's getting a little late, isn't it?"

Liz scowls. "I didn't think you'd mind. I thought you were working late."

"Oh, I was dear, but I wasn't feeling well so I left a little early. Amy didn't have much fun at the reception so she came in to work early and covered the rest of my shift." Audrey glances from Lucky to Elizabeth. "I guess she's not the only one who decided to leave the reception early."

Lucky smiles nervously at Mrs. Hardy, and then at Liz. "Uh, I guess I should get going. I'll talk to you later, Elizabeth. Night, Mrs. Hardy."

"Good night, Mr. Spencer."

Liz smiles, regretfully. "Night, Lucky." He smiles back before closing the door over. Elizabeth smiles weakly at Audrey. "Night, Gram." She starts to walk away, but is stopped.

"Not so fast young lady. What have I told you about having Lucky over here at all hours of the night?"

"What's the big deal? We left the reception, and came back here to watch a movie. Lucky isn't sleeping on my bedroom floor anymore and he isn't climbing in and out of my bedroom window. We were just having a nice time. I felt normal, Gram. Normal. I haven't felt that way for so long, and then-" Elizabeth shakes her head. "Nevermind. I'm going to bed."

"No, Elizabeth. And then what? I interrupeted, ruining the mood? Well, I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I know how much you like Lucky, but I'm still not comfortable with the idea of my granddaughter necking on my couch at 1:30 in the morning!"

"Necking?!?," Elizabeth cries, rolling her eyes. "We weren't 'necking'. We haven't even kissed Gram, and at this rate we probably never will." She turns on her heel and races upstairs, leaving an exasperated Audrey in her wake.

To be continued...