"Elizabeth, wait!," Lucky shouts, racing after her. She keeps up her brisk pace, cutting into the woods. She slows up, out of breath. Moments later, Lucky pulls up beside her. "Why didn’t you stop before, when I called your name?"

Elizabeth turns around, facing Lucky. Her eyes are ablaze with fury, her fists are clenched by her side. "I hate her!," she shouts. Lucky reaches out to her, but she moves away from his touch. "I thought I knew hatred before—I despise the guy who did this to me---but I hate Emily Quartermaine with a passion I didn’t know I had." She spins around, pounding the air around her with her fists. "How she could sit there, in that car, and blame me for her life getting all screwed up. Like it’s my fault that you and her grew apart. Like it’s my fault that Sarah caused her parents to stop her visits to Nik. Then going on like I’m some cheap slut working my way through the town, sleeping with guy after guy after guy!"

"Elizabeth we know the truth. What people like Emily say doesn’t matter!"

"Not to you! I care, Lucky. I care that there’s someone out there who thinks that I’m this evil thing, that goes around destroying peoples’ friendships and lives. Okay, maybe there was a time when I tried to cause trouble for Sarah and Nik. I admit it—it was stupid. But for that… that… Emily to say that I’m some cheap whore….. UGH!," she shrieks in anger. "I want to claw her eyes out. I want to rip her model perfect hair out… I just want to hit her—hard—so she knows how much I hate her."

"Hit me," Lucky says.

"What?," Elizabeth cries, turning to face Lucky.

"Hit me. You need to get your aggression out and screaming at the moon isn’t working for you, hon. Hit me."

"I am not going to hit you."

"Well you’ve got to hit someone! Emily isn’t here, Nik isn’t here, and believe me, hitting me won’t hurt as much as hitting one of these trees," he says, gesturing at the wilderness around them.

"I can’t hit you. I love you. I refuse to beat you up," Elizabeth says, still tense. "I want to beat her up. I want to rearrange her model face. I want to ruin her career," Liz laughs, as if she’s possessed. "I want her to hurt like she hurt me," she says angrily.

"Eliza---BETH!," Lucky howls, as Liz turns, socking him hard in the stomach. He stumbles backwards, shocked by both the punch and its intensity. She continues to pummel his stomach, letting her anger out. Lucky winces with each blow, yet savors that he’s able to help her deal with Emily’s attack in some way.

"I hate her!," Liz screams, continuing to pound her fists against Lucky’s body.

Her final punch sends him falling towards the ground; he pulls her down with him. They land on top of each other, with a ‘thud’ in the grass. Lucky moans, the force off their fall and Liz’s punches paining him. Liz and Lucky’s eyes lock. Both are panting for air. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?," Lucky groans, trying to lighten the situation.

Elizabeth doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. "Lucky--," she starts, shaking her head. "Why do you make these silly offers to me?" She shakes her head. "And why did I take you up on it?"

Lucky smiles. "Spencer impetuousness, I suppose. It, uh, seemed like a good suggestion at the moment." He reaches up, brushing a piece of grass out of her hair. "If only I knew how strong you were."

"You’ve always believed I was strong. Maybe now I believe it too," she says with a wry smile. "Did I hurt you?"

"Nah. You hit like a girl," he cracks. Elizabeth smiles softly, the adrenaline still pumping through her system. Lucky feels his heart pounding, the adrenaline coursing through his system as well. He studies her face, drinking in her features. He leans in, kissing her forcefully. Liz’s eyes widen in shock at Lucky’s sudden and aggressive move, but she doesn’t fight it. Closing her eyes, she kisses him back, exploding with desire for him. Lucky closes his eyes, wraps his arms around her waist, and pulls her deeper into the kiss. Elizabeth responds, enveloping him in her arms.

Lucky slowly rolls them over, never breaking the kiss. Elizabeth’s eyes flutter open. Through the treetops she sees the sky above her covered in stars. She suddenly becomes keenly aware of Lucky’s body on top of hers. Her mind a jumble of thoughts and feelings, Elizabeth begins to panic. She struggles underneath him, but Lucky, caught up in their kiss, doesn’t notice. Fear rises up inside Elizabeth. She pulls away from Lucky’s kiss and shoves him off of her. "No!," she yells, scrambling to her feet. Lucky’s eyes flash with pain. "No," she repeats softly. She looks him in the eyes, fighting back tears.

"It happened again, didn’t it," he says softly, fighting back his own tears. "I made you flashback to that night," he cries. "I always make you think about it… It’s always me," he says, shaking his head. He looks up at her. "I just keep hurting you, every time we get close."

Elizabeth stares at him, stunned. "I can’t deal with this right now." She walks off slowly into the night. Lucky watches as she walks off, too upset to follow her.