Elizabeth unlocks the door, opening it. Nik and Emily stand in the doorway. Nik has a frazzled smile on his face. Emily’s face is adorned in a terse smile. Liz shoots Lucky a quick look, before ushering them in.

"Hi you guys," she says warmly.

"Hello Elizabeth. Lucky," Nikolas nods.

"Hi," Emily responds, her voice unusually strained.

"Hey Em, Nikolas," Lucky replies. "Nice outfit, Em," he says with a hint of sarcasm.

Emily smoothes an invisible wrinkle on her tight leather skirt, not picking up on his tone. "Thanks. I wore it at my latest shoot. I just got back yesterday. I’m modeling now, you know? With Downtown Faces, Brenda Barrett’s agency," she smiles.

Lucky nods. "Modeling. That’s some summer job you’ve got."

"It’s not just a summer job. It’s a career," Emily replies, glancing at Nikolas.

He smiles, before turning to Liz. "So what are the plans for this evening?"

"Bowling," she replies. "I was wearing a skirt, like you Emily, but Lucky thought it would be a good idea to change. Do you want to borrow a pair of my jeans?"

Emily shoots Elizabeth a withering glance. "I don’t think we’re the same size," she says, "and besides, it’ll ruin my outfit. This shirt would look terrible with jeans."

Lucky and Liz exchange a look, each fighting back peals of laughter. "Well, then," Lucky starts, drawing a deep breath. "Should we get going?"

"I think that’s a good idea," Nikolas responds, eager to cut the tension. "It’s a lovely evening. We could walk or," he pauses, taking a look at Emily’s 4 inch platforms, "I could drive."

"Drive," Emily coos. "I’ve got gun—I mean, I’d like to sit in the front passenger seat," she smiles, batting her eye lashes at Nik.

"Sure, if that’s okay with you guys," he replies, turning to Lucky and Elizabeth.

"It’s fine with me," Lucky responds.

"Me, too," Liz agrees.

Nik motions towards the door. "Well, let’s get going then."

Nik leads the way out, with Emily, Lucky and Liz following.

Liz gasps when she sees Nik’s car. "We’re going in that?," she gasps, gawking at the automobile.

Emily rolls her eyes. "God, Liz, you act like you’ve never been in a Porsche before," she states snobbishly.

"As a matter of fact, I haven’t," she retorts, icily. "And that’s a different car than you had last year!"

"Yes, it is. It’s a great ride, so you’d better get in," Nik interjects, hoping to stop a fight before it starts.

"Liz knows all about great rides," Emily says under her breath.

"What was that?," Liz asks, shocked. Lucky eyes Elizabeth curiously.

"I didn’t say anything," Emily says innocently.

Lucky climbs into the back seat, helping Liz in after him. Emily pushes the passenger seat back hard, nearly hitting Elizabeth. "Sorry," she says with faux sincerity.

"I’ll bet," Elizabeth mutters.

Nik climbs into the driver’s seat. "Buckle up." He starts the engine and shifts into gear. They drive off in silence. Five then ten minutes pass without words.

"This car’s even smaller that it looks," Lucky notes, finally breaking the quiet. He shifts uncomfortably. "There’s barely any room here in the back."

"Oh, I’m sure you and Elizabeth will manage if you position yourselves carefully," Emily retorts.

"Emily!," Nik and Lucky scold in unison. Nik glares at Emily before watching Elizabeth in the rear view mirror.

Liz feels her blood run cold. Lucky grabs her hand, squeezing it reassuringly. She turns to Lucky, anger and pain visibly crossing her features. Tears well up in her eyes. "Stop the car," she says, her voice quivering with anger.

"We’re almost at the bowling alley," Nikolas replies. "We’re almost there, Liz," he says soothingly.

Emily glares at him. Why is everyone falling all over her?, she thinks angrily.

"Stop the car," Elizabeth reiterates. Lucky unbuckles his seat belt and moves closer to Elizabeth. He tries to pull her close but she pushes him away. "Stop this car!," she shouts, focused.

Nik hits the brakes, throwing Lucky. He braces himself, his eyes still concentrated on Elizabeth. Nikolas maneuvers the car over to the shoulder. "Are you alright," he asks, turning to Lucky.

"I’m fine," Lucky responds, his gaze never leaving Liz. "Emily’s the one with the problem."

"I don’t have a problem," Emily replies with a shrug. "Nope, no problems here."

"You think so, do you? Maybe all those drugs you did fried your common sense," Lucky retorts angrily.

"Lucky, don’t," Elizabeth says. "I handle her."

"Oh, yes, you are the expert on handling people from what I hear," Em replies.

"What is your problem?," Elizabeth asks angrily. "What did I ever do to you?"

"This is so tiresome," Emily sighs.

"Yes, Emily, it is. Why don’t you just tell Elizabeth what’s the matter, and then we can let this subject drop," Nik says.

Emily turns to Nikolas. "Honestly, there’s nothing wrong Nikolas," she says, smiling sweetly.

"Why did you say that about me and Elizabeth," Lucky says, not willing to let the subject drop.

"Say what?"

"You know exactly what I’m talking about," he responds.

She shrugs. "I was just saying that I’m sure if you position yourselves correctly, there would be plenty of room back there. If you read anything more into it, that’s your problem."

"I’ve had enough of this, Emily," Elizabeth says angrily. "You said something nasty about me at the Nurses’ Ball, and you’ve been sniping at me since you got to my house. Why do you hate me? What on earth could I have possibly done to you?"

Emily sits quietly, for a moment, debating whether or not to pursue the issue. She turns around, loathing in her eyes. "I’ll tell you what you did."