Later that evening:

Lucky flops down on Liz’s bed. "Bowling," he says, smiling at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth stares at him, a puzzled look on her face. "What?"

"You’re too dressed up. We’re going bowling, remember?"

Elizabeth spins around, her short black skirt flaring around her. "I know, it’s just I’m in the mood to dress up!"

Lucky smiles. "I understand that, but you can’t bowl in a skirt."

"And why not?," Liz smiles back.

"Don’t get me wrong. You look incredible in that skirt…. Who am I kidding, you’d look incredible wearing a paper bag, but I don’t think bowling shoes will compliment your outfit there," he replies.

"Would you rather I wear a paper bag?," Liz giggles, in high spirits.

"I’d rather you wear noth---," Lucky catches himself. Save it for your dreams, man, he thinks to himself. Liz gives him a nervous smile, noticing his slip. "A nice pair of jeans. Or those overalls that you’re always wearing."

"Fine, I’ll change, but I next time we go out, I’m getting dressed up."

Lucky’s heart skips a beat. "Next time we go out, we go out by ourselves," he says, "if you don’t mind." He looks hopefully at Elizabeth.

Liz looks back at him. "I’d like that," she says softly. She smiles, grabbing a pair of jeans out of her dresser. "I’ll go change, then we can head downstairs. Nik and Emily should be here any minute now," she says, heading out of the room.

"Oh, good," Lucky mutters. "I can hardly wait."

Minutes later, Liz returns wearing the jeans. "Is this better bowling attire, sir?," she asks, curtseying.

Lucky stands up, and bows. "Yes it ‘tis, my lady," he responds. He offers her his arm. "Shall we head downstairs and await Prince Cassadine?"

Liz takes his arm. He starts to walk off, but she stops him. "Are you really okay about tonight?," she asks, her eyes locking with his. "If you’re not, please let me know now and we’ll cut the night short. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable---"

"Old habits die hard," he interjects with a shrug. "I may slip a few times tonight, but I’m really trying," he admits. "This is important to you, so I’m trying." Elizabeth leans in, surprising him with a tender kiss. Lucky blinks a couple of times as they pull apart. "I don’t know why you did that, but c-could you do it again," he stutters.

"I did it because I love you," she replies, giving him another kiss. Lucky tentatively draws her closer, saying a silent prayer that she doesn’t pull away. She doesn’t. They continue to kiss until interrupted by the doorbell. As they slowly move apart, Elizabeth breathes a sigh of relief. Lucky eyes her curiously. "I didn’t feel scared, or feel the urge to run away," she says softly. "I just felt the moment," she smiles, triumphant. "I was in this moment." Lucky grins in reply. "Let’s go downstairs," she says quietly, still smiling. "We don’t want to keep Emily and Nik waiting."

They head downstairs, hand in hand, happy to start the evening on a positive note. If only the rest of the night can go as well, Liz thinks, it’ll be a great night…. If only….