Liz unlocks the door, and walks in, throwing on the lights. Lucky walks in slowly behind her, laughing.

"What's wrong?," she asks quizically. "What am I missing."

Lucky shakes his head. "Oh, it's nothing. I just feel weird walking in the front door."

"Feel free to climb up on the roof, if it makes you more comfortable. I'll let you in eventually," she smiles. She throws her wrap on the couch and walks over to the TV cabinet. "Let's see what movies Gram's got." She scans through the video collection. "Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, E.T., Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King…" her voice trails off. She turns to Lucky, biting her lip. "Uh, why don't we check out what Sarah has upstairs."

Lucky looks surprised. "Come on, I really want to see the Lion King. All those little singing animals. It's so realistic."

Liz smiles. "Ok, come on, Spencer."

They race upstairs and into Sarah's room. Liz flips the light switch, revealing a room filled with stuffed animals and decorated in a sickly cotton candy pink hue.

"Wow," Lucky whistles. "This is a very interesting room."

Liz glances at Lucky. "You think so? Try sharing a room with Sarah, and one thousand of her closest stuffed friends, for half your life."

Lucky starts laughing. "I can see your point. LuLu's room-" He stops abruptly, and walks over to Elizabeth. He doesn't want to think about his family, not now. "I like your bedroom better, anyway." Liz smiles inwardly at his assertion. Lucky continues, "So does Sarah have better taste in movies than decoraters?"

"Well, you can decide. We've got a bunch of great '80s movies here -Ferris Bueller's Day Off, St. Elmo's Fire, 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club and," Liz winks at Lucky, "Pretty in Pink."

Lucky gags. "Well, it's a theme, isn't it?" He shakes his head. "What else does she have?"

"Hmm… Pump Up the Volume, True Romance-which is not very romantic. Sarah bought it because of the title. The joke's on her. It was one of the bloodiest movies we ever saw! You might like it," she smiles, turning to Lucky. "It stars Christian Slater and an Elvis impersonator."

He rolls his eyes. "Everyone's a comedian. Why don't I pick the movie."

Elizabeth moves aside. "Be my guest, oh great one."

Lucky laughs and starts searching through the videos. "Bambi?"

"She watched that with Nikolas one night. He had never seen it," Liz offers.

"That must have been a sight. Crown Prince Nikky bawling his highbrow eyes out when Bambi's mother dies," he laughs, mentally drawing a picture. He continues searching through the videos, finally selecting one. "Okay, I've found the perfect film for our viewing enjoyment."

"And he's modest too." Liz shakes her head. "Okay, let's go make some popcorn. I can't watch this masterpiece without popcorn." They leave Sarah's room and head downstairs.

To be continued...