Lucky ushers Liz and Nikolas into the boxcar. Lucky lights some candles, illuminating the place.

Liz takes a seat on the floor, by the painting of the bed. Lucky takes a seat beside her. Nik stands, surveying the boxcar.

"You have a problem with the accommodations, Cassadine?," Lucky asks, glaring at Nik.

"No, I’m just admiring the art work. You’re very talented," Nik says.

"I didn’t do it. Elizabeth did," he says, smiling at Liz. "She’s a great artist."

"I am not," she laughs. "I just dabble."

"No, Lucky’s right. You are very good," Nik assures her, slowly taking a seat on the floor.

They lapse into silence. Liz leans her head against Lucky’s shoulder, closing her eyes. She quickly drifts off to sleep, exhausted from the confrontation.

Lucky gently strokes her hair. He looks at Nikolas. "What happened in the hall with Murty," he whispers, careful not to wake Liz.

Nik glances at Liz. "I asked for his word that he wouldn’t press charges against Elizabeth, you or me."

Lucky raises his brow. "And he agreed to this?"

"Not a first," Nik admits with a chuckle. "Turns out the fear of Cassadine retaliation can be very persuasive."

"You threatened him," Lucky states, amused.

"Not quite. I just stated that I didn’t think he wanted to go to the police. Forcefully." Lucky stares at him. "I did not want Elizabeth to get in trouble for this. She’s been hurt badly enough; she doesn’t need to be arrested as well."

Lucky thoughtfully looks at Nik. "You surprise me sometimes, Cassadine."

"I’ve said this before. I’m not out to get you, Lucky. I don’t want to hurt your girlfriend either. We don’t have to hate each other."

Lucky absentmindedly runs his fingers through Liz’s hair. "We don’t have to hate each other," he muses. "I suppose you have a point there." He shoots Nik a glance. "While I really do appreciate you helping Elizabeth, I just don’t think I can forgive or forget all the things your family has done to mine over the years."

Nik shakes his head. "That’s your problem. You can’t think for yourself. You fall into line like a good little Luke-clone, hating all of the Cassadines without a reason."

"I don’t have to listen to this, man! I’m not a clone of my father. Don’t you ever say that," he hisses, drawing Elizabeth further into his arms. "I’m nothing like my father."

Nik watches him curiously. "Are you afraid that you will rape someone, like he did?"

Lucky glances down at Elizabeth. "I wanted to be him. The problem is, I’m wired like him. For awhile, I was scared that…. But, no, I don’t think I could never rape anyone. I know better, and I’ve seen what it does to someone." He shoots Nik a quick glance. "When I found her, she looked like that doll Lulu has—you know the one, it’s all dirty and falling apart." Nik nods. "She had bruises all over her, her stockings and dress were ripped, she was bleeding…" Lucky fights back tears. "I want to kill the guy who did that do her. I saw her pain, and her suffering. I can’t understand why my mother could marry the guy who did that to her. Their entire life together, their entire marriage is a fraud."

Nikolas shrugs. "I can’t say I understand Laura’s choice. But frankly, I have no recourse but to accept it. For some reason or another, she forgave him and made a life with him. She must have her reasons," he says pointedly. Lucky listens to him carefully, but says nothing.

To be continued…