The next day:

"Are you sure you know what you’re doing?," Lucky asks impatiently, glaring at Nikolas. They are standing in Murty’s classroom. Nikolas is planting and testing the listening device.

"Would you rather do this, Lucky? Benson spent half an hour teaching me how to work this device, but if you’d rather demonstrate your skills, be my guest," Nikolas retorts, glaring back at Lucky. Nik goes back to what he was doing while Lucky turns his attention to Elizabeth.

"Hey," he says, walking up behind her.

Elizabeth stares out the window. "It has to end tonight," she says softly. "I can’t keep going through this week after week."

"I know," Lucky replies, gently placing his arms around her waist. "Is this okay?," he asks nervously.

"It’s fine," Elizabeth responds reassuringly.

Lucky rests his chin on her shoulder. "We’re going to get him," he whispers in her ear.

"We have to," she replies, tentatively snuggling into his arms.

"Sorry to interrupt," Nikolas calls.

"I’ll bet," Lucky mutters as Liz elbows him in the ribs.

"The device is ready. I was having a slight problem with the mic, but I think I’ve fixed it."

"You think?—," Lucky complains.

"Thank you, Nikolas," Elizabeth interjects, "Thank you for all your help."

"I’m glad to be of service," he smiles. His smile fades as Lucky glares at him. "Lucky and I should probably get going before Mr. Murty comes in."

Lucky turns to Elizabeth. "You brought the knife, right?"

Elizabeth pulls it out of her pocket. "I’ve got it right here."

"Good. Remember, I’ll be out in the bushes and he’ll be out front listening to the audio feed. We’ve got you covered."

Elizabeth nods. "You two should get going. Murty’ll be here any minute now." She squeezes Lucky’s hand. "I’ll be okay."

Lucky heads out with Nik, as Elizabeth slides into her desk. She peeks under her desk, looking for the bug. It looks just like a wad of chewing gum, she laughs to herself. That’s what you get when you team up with a Cassadine. The best in bug technology. Liz starts pulling out her school supplies, getting ready to work.

"I see we’re prepared to work tonight," Murty says as he enters the room. "Maybe this will be a good day afterall."

* * *

Nikolas listens to the audio feed. He grabs his walkie talkie. "Lucky," he says.

"What?," Lucky replies, his voice slightly distorted.

"Murty’s in the room. Are you in position?"

In the bushes, Lucky rolls his eyes. "Yeah. I’m in position."

"Just checking. I’ll keep you posted."

"Yeah, you do that, Cassadine," Lucky retorts. This is going to be a long night, he thinks.

To be continued...