"Okay, listen up everybody, I need all the single ladies to line up," the new Mrs. Scorpio announces, waving the bouquet in the air. A bunch of woman stand around, none wanting to take the first step forward. "Oh, come on! It's a tradition girls!" Amy Vining leaps forward. Maxie and Georgie follow. "That's the spirit! Come on, V! Dara, Robin.... Barbara Jean, get back here!" Felicia grabs Bobbie and drags her back towards the group, snagging Elizabeth Webber in the process. "Where do you think you're going, Miss Webber?," Felicia laughs.

Elizabeth shoots Lucky Spencer a 'help me, please!' look. He just shakes his head, smiling. Felicia drags her by the arms, and Liz takes her her place among the single women, hanging towards the back of the crowd. As normal as she'd been feeling lately, she couldn't quite muster a celebratory attitude.

"Stand back, ladies," Amy shouts, "this baby's mine!" She pushes her way to the front, while the guests laugh at her antics.

Leave it to Amy, Felicia thinks, rolling her eyes. "Here we go!," she cries, turning around, tossing the bouquet over her shoulder.

Robin and Bobbie step back as the bouquet hurtles through the air, wanting no part of the elbows that Amy's throwing. Amy knocks Dara out of the way. Elizabeth feels the flowers slip through her finger and land in V's waiting hands.

V's eyes flash brightly as she grasps the the flowers. "Oh, my god!," she squeals. Amy glares at V and stomps off. V. turns to Elizabeth. "Gosh, I'm so sorry! I bet you'll have more use for this than I will," she smiles, glancing over at Jax. "Here, you take it," she smiles, placing the bouquet in Elizabeth's hands. "Besides," she says with a giggle, "I'm allergic to carnations and they look great with your dress."

Elizabeth accepts the bouquet. "Thanks, V."

V grins. "Anything for young love," she smiles, nodding towards Lucky. "I think your boyfriend's getting a little anxious waiting for you."

Elizabeth looks over at Lucky and smiles. "He's not..." She looks at V. "Yeah, I guess he does look a little anxious. I'd better get going." She smiles. "Thanks, again."

Liz walks over to where Lucky's sitting. "Hey," she smiles.

"Hey yourself." She smiles. "Do you want to stick around, or should we get going?"

"Well, if we stick around here, we'll probably find out why Lucy got dragged off by the cops before her ceremony started."

Lucky shakes his head. "I already got that little nugget of information."

Liz stares at him. "Well? What happened?," she asks anxiously.

"She got arrested for sabotoging Scotty Baldwin's car."

Liz's eyes grow wide. "Oh, wow. She caused Serena's accident!" She shakes her head. "I can't believe she'd do something like that... I mean I don't know her very well, but she seemed so nice at the Nurse's Ball. And to have have the truth come out on her wedding day... to be so humiliated on what she thought would to be the happiest day of her life..." Her voice trails off. She shakes her head, gingerly fingering the flowers.

Lucky grabs her hand. "Elizabeth, hey," he says softly. He gently glides her face upward, their eyes meeting. A wave of anguish and guilt washes over him, as Liz's words hit all too close to home. His emotions play across his face.

Liz smiles, reading his thoughts. "Stop it, Lucky."

"Stop what," he protests weakly. She know me too well, he thinks.

"It's not your fault that I was--" She pauses, glancing around the room quickly. "It's not your fault that I was raped," she finishes softly. "I wish you would believe that."


"Well, don't you two just look adorable together," Amy coos, as she joins them. She smiles at Lucky. "Why hasn't my favorite nephew said a word to me all night?"

Lucky gives her a quick hug. "I'm your only nephew," he says pointedly.

Amy gives him a funny look. "Yeah, right." She shrugs, not wanting to get into an argument over Nikolas at the wedding. She turns to Liz. "You stole my flowers."

Liz laughs. "You can have them, really. V gave them to me because she's allergic."

"Nah, you keep them. Looks like they're working for you already," she whispers with a conspiriatoral grin. "Ooh! I just spotted a very cute usher. Gotta go! Hey, you, wait!," Amy cries, chasing after the man.

Lucky shakes his head. "Sorry about that. My aunt Amy's kind of-"

"--Cool. She's like a teenager, only not a teenager, you know?" She smiles. "I like her."

"Yeah, so do I. So do you want to get going? Looks like the party's dying down."

Liz nods. "Do you want to go to Kelly's? Or back to Grams'? She's working the late shift at the hospital so we can actually watch an 'R' rated movie," she says with a laugh.

"Sounds good to me." He takes her hand in his, flashing a grin. "We're off!"

To be continued...