Morally Bankrupt and Pathetic Quiz- Are you one of us??

Are you qualified to be a member of the exclusive MB&P club? Take this quiz and find out!

This quiz was created by Fran.


Did you check your morals at the door? Are you willing to defend Todd, the rapist, murderer, stalker, arsonist, kidnapper, mad bomber, revenge plotter, (did I miss any?) against all unwarranted attacks?

Are you a messy eater? Do you have a passion for finger food? Do you think that fly away hair, moveable scars and talking birds only add to the appeal?

Does the sight of Todd Manning with his top button unbuttoned send you over the edge? Does the mere thought of him in a tee shirt cause you to go into convulsions? Are you afraid that if Todd ever does appear in a love scene, you would miss it because you'd be passed out on the floor?

Do you sometimes feel the need to analyze every facial expression, body language, gesture, and eye movements during a Todd scene?

Do you sometimes find yourself obsessively watching the same Todd scene over and over? During these especially good moments, do you discover you're caught in an endless loop of watch, rewind, watch again, rewind, watch again, rewind...... as you stare, mouth agape, at your TV?

Are you able to endlessly discuss the complexities of this character on the bbs? Are you familiar with the underlying layers, vulnerabilities, and history of Todd Manning?

Do you think that Roger Howarth is simply a superb actor? Do you think that his outstanding portrayal of Todd is one of the reasons you love such a villianous character, considering the character's traits and history?

Do you think that the label MB&P sounds like a ridiculous new name for a candy bar, or maybe a strange sandwich? Will you proudly wear it anyway?

Are you willing to attend the occasional MB&P chat, which will be filled with other morally depraved, hopelessly pathetic people such as yourself? Will you be proud to call these people your friends?

SCORING: If you answered yes to all the questions, then you may join the elite MB&P! Welcome!


Bonus Questions: Do you want to be next in line to wipe YOUR nose on Todd's sleeve? Don't you think that this is the most endearing thing?

Do you have Roger's upcoming new series, "Prey", on your list of moose, um, must see TV?

Now, as I look back on all these questions, I see that there is no mention of chest hair, dazzling smiles, naked ankles, or that wonderful, soft voice that can cause one to go weak in the knees......... So, fellow MB&P members, feel free to add your own questions or comments as they relate to your own Todd experiences! Don't be embarrassed! You can freely admit to drooling, staring, gushing, obsessing, etc. Remember, we are all just as pathetic as you are! ;-)

Welcome all new members!