The scene is set in the bedroom of the Manning Penthouse.

It is morning, the day after Dorian's birthday party. Todd is playing with the music box that Addie had given him the day before. Blair enters and brings Todd his breakfast in bed. She comments on how well Todd and her mother had gotten along, clearly remembering the fiasco at Addie's birthday party.

"She found out something I've known all along," Blair says to him.

"What's that?" Todd replies, uncertain of her response.

"That there really is a heart inside there," she responds as she touches his chest, " and that you would do anything to make me happy." She smiles widely and leans in to kiss him. Todd meets her halfway.

Blair slowly draws away from their kiss. She thanks Todd for everything he's ever done for her. They reminisce about the old times-- when they were loveless losers playing the most pathetic game. She thanks him for remaining by her side, even after her miscarriage.

"I've always needed someone to believe in me and to care-- really care for me. I never had that-- until now. "

Todd looks surprised. "I bet you never thought it'd turn out to be me, huh?" He half-mutters this comment, thinking back to the days of Cord and Blair.

"I'm really glad that it did," Blair tearfully replies. She reaches her hand out to stroke his cheek. "Really glad."

Todd summons his courage. He has to do it now. He thanks Blair for all that she has done for him, and most of all for always being truthful with him.

Blair leaps from the bed, overcome both by his words and by her guilt. She is in obvious pain as Todd lovingly thanks her for being with him. She wants to tell him the truth but he won't let her speak. It is his turn.

"I've got to get this out," Todd says as he gets to his feet. Blair's back is to him, making this painful confession somewhat easier. He draws a deep breath.

"I love you Blair." He says them- those 4 little words which he carried in his heart for so many months. " Well I said it," he whispers, "And you're still here." There is sadness in his voice. Everyone he has ever loved has left him.

Tearfully, Blair turns to face him. "I'm not going anywhere." She rushes to him, throwing her arms around him. Todd slowly, deliberately wraps his arms around his wife, as if he can't believe she's really with him.

They are in bed, kissing tenderly. Todd suddenly pulls back, startling Blair.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"Nothing," he quickly replies. But doesn't she want to take care of her birth control stuff? It is a sore subject for him. He thinks to the Fourth of July. He promised her his patience.

She does not want it anymore. She's happier than she has ever been and she wants to show him that.

"Let's do it Todd," she whispers. "Let's make a baby." Todd studies her face carefully, as if he still can't believe this is for real. It is. They slowly draw towards each other into a kiss. They make love, in the truest sense of the word.

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