Todd has left Llanview to start over in Key West, FL. He will not miss the life he left behind or anyone in it-- except the kids and Blair. Blair, meanwhile, having learned that Todd is the Lord heir, decides to trick her best friend into marrying her by faking a pregnancy. She will use the one special night that they shared and violate it by fabricating a pregnancy. Children are Todd's weakness, and she knows this. She will use this.

Todd sits alone by a campfire. It is late at night. Blair approaches him and places her hand on his back, startling him.

"Oh, Todd, I'm sorry! It's just me, Blair."

He's surprised to see her there. She tells him she searched the island bars for him to no avail. The she saw it-- "A bed and breakfast named 'Sarah's' and I know that is where you had to be. I know how much those kids mean--"

Todd cuts her off. He doesn't want her analysis of his living arrangements. He wants to know why she's there, why she followed him.

"I was kind of hurt when you didn't call or anything before you left," Blair states.

He did call, but she wasn't there. He doesn't tell her this though. "I told you I was going," he responds.

She wanted a face to face goodbye, Blair says, placing her head on Todd's shoulder.

Why did she come?, Todd reiterates. Blair tries to make small talk but Todd is waiting for an answer.

"Well, I came all the way down here because there's something I've got to tell you."

"You know it's real up to date down here. We've got phones and everything," is Todd's sarcastic reply.

She had to tell him the news in person. Todd is slightly scared-- What news?

Blair summons her courage and begins. "You know that early Christmas present?"

Todd's face shows annoyed bewilderment. "Gee, no, I forgot Blair," Todd replies. "What kind of question is that?"

"Come on Todd! This isn't easy for me," Blair pleads.

"Yeah, I remember. It was a nice present," Todd understates.

"No, It was not a nice present. It was a dumb, reckless present."

"Ok." He is hurt. That present meant the world to him. It caused him to start to fall in love with her.

Blair recognizes his hurt. "Look, I don't mean it that way. It's just, Todd, we weren't careful about anything, that's all."

Todd snarls that if she got a disease it didn't come from him. Blair scolds him for jumping to conclusions. It's not that.

"There's only one other conclusion to jump to Blair."

She stares into his eyes. "I'm pregnant."

Todd is in shock. Why does she think it's his problem?

Blair recounts how she and Cord were always careful and how they weren't even together at the time of conception. It's his.

"I thought it was a gift. I guess Santa's got a sick sense of humor when it comes to after Christmas," Todd bitterly spits.

She asks if he wants her to get an abortion.

"That is what you're planning to do, right?," he queries.

She always thought she would be able to do it, if in that situation, Blair replies, but she can't. She wants their baby and to give it the life she never had; the kind of life they never had.

"What, because my father didn't want me I'm supposed to think it's a great idea to have this kid?," Todd asks. That is the plan, Blair thinks.

She tells him that she is in Key West to tell him about the baby and how she plans to tell Cord that the baby is his. If Todd won't be a father, Cord will.

Todd is hurt. "I thought you were over that guy." The pain in his voice is clear.

Blair states that she just wanted to tell Todd the truth before she tells Cord the news. "You know me, you accept me, and that means more to me than you'll ever know."

"Not necessarily," Todd replies. She means the same to him.

She asks him to never tell Cord the truth about the baby.

Fine, Todd snaps as he storms off.

"I just rolled the dice on $27.8 million-- oh God I hope it works!," Blair cries.

The scene shifts back to Llanview. It is Valentine's day. Blair is on top of the Omega (later Manning) Building in the office space for Melador. She is thinking about Cord when Todd suddenly appears. She is stunned.

"What's the matter Blair? You look about as happy to see me as my parole officer used to be," Todd cracks.

She's just surprised, that's all. He tells her that he wants to know how telling Cord went.

Blair replies that she hasn't Todd him yet. He's in Spain looking for Tina and David.

Todd retorts that Tina and their kids will always take precedence over Blair and her kid. Deep down, she knows his is right.

Blair asks him if he's reconsidering being a father to their child.

He's about to answer when Cassie bursts in. Todd leaves. He doesn't like Cassie and she doesn't like him.

Cassie is surprised to see Blair and Todd together yet again. "What's going on between you two?," she asks, mortified at the thought that there may be something between them.

Blair says that they're just friends and quickly changes the subjext.

Meanwhile, at Rodi's, FauxKevin #1 is discussing fatherhood with Todd. Kevin bemoans the pain he feels about being an absentee father.

"I hope you're not planning on having kids of your own," Kevin snidely states to an embittered Todd.

Later that same evening, Blair shows up at Rodi's.

"I was hoping I might find you here," she smiles as she approaches Todd's table. She figured he would have returned to Key West by now.

"That is what you want?," he asks.

"No, Todd, that isn't what I want," Blair retorts. She wants him to help her raise their child. She asks if he would be willing to marry her and do just that.

Todd gets up and starts to leave. Blair grabs him by the sleeve. She doesn't want him to go.

Todd tells Blair that it doesn't seem right to lie to a nice guy like Cord about the baby.

But if he won't be a father, she's not going to do it alone. She is going to tell Cord.

"I don't want you to marry him," Todd spits.

"What?," Blair replies, surprised.

"I don't want you to marry Cord. That's my kid."

"It-it's our kid," Blair stammers.

"Whatever. Look, maybe we ought to get married. People do that right? Friends having a baby?"

Blair had only hoped the plan would go so smoothly. "You want to marry me?"

"Yeah, I mean, if you-- yeah. Will you marry me?" Todd sighs.

"Yes," she responds happily. "I'll make you happy. I mean, I'll try."

"Good luck," Todd wearily replies.

Blair tells him that she knows he doesn't love her anymore than she loves him. "But I do care about you," she heartfeltly adds.

"Well, I guess that makes me a lucky guy."

They make plans to meet at the airport to fly to Key West and marry that night. Blair runs into Cord on her way out of Rodi's. He tests her resolve, but she sticks to her plan. She and Todd fly off to Key West while Cord arrives at the airport to stop her, two minutes too late.

It is the next day. Todd and Blair are lying on the bed in Key West. Todd is hung over after a night of drinking for two. He is bitter about the pregnancy and their impending nuptuals.

Blair asks him if he still wants to go through with their marriage.

He hands her a ring. It was his mother's. He was saving it for his wife.

Blair is touched by the gesture. Todd tells her that they should get married on the beach where she told him about the baby. He's not big on churches. Blair thinks it is a good idea. He tells her that he can't give the baby $, a respected name, or anything else but he can give it a family. Afterall, he and Blair are always honest with each other. That's something. She gave up Cord's money and the Buchanan name to marry him.

Blair grows more and more uncomfortable as Todd sings the praises of their honest relationship. She feels guilt about what she is doing, but that doesn't stop her, of course!

They are on the beach.

"Sorry this couldn't be in a church," Todd whisphers.

'The beach is beautiful,' Blair responds.

"So are you," Todd answers. Blair looks surprised. "What? It's the truth. I told you I'd never lie to you. "

The ceremony begins. The justice of the peace wears a hawaiian shirt; an old man and the justice's wife serve as witnesses. The ceremony is short. Todd looks like he's in as the justice speaks and Blair clings to him as if she's afraid he'll run away.

They are pronounced husband and wife and share a chaste kiss.

"How do you feel?," Blair asks her new husband.

"The same-- only weirder," Todd shudders.

He tells her that he's going to do all that he can for her and their baby. They can trust each other.

"If I had to get married," he says, "I guess I'm glad it turned out to be you."

The scene shifts to the motel where they are staying. Todd and Blair are making out on the bed. Suddenly, Blair springs from the bed and heads for the bathroom. She needs to take care of birth control.

Todd is suspicious. What's she doing? If she's already pregnant, birth control won't be needed.

Blair covers. It's her wedding afternoon-- she wants to look her best, she shakily replies.

"You look fine," Todd replies as he begins to undress her. Blair is less than thrilled about the prospect of unprotected sex but she does it anyway.

Afterwards, they lie in bed, seemingly in different worlds.

"Look who I married," Todd mutters, "the she-wolf of Llanview."

"Oh, excuse me," Blair starts, offended, "who are you? Gandhi?"

And so began the first union of Llanview's favorite misfits, Blair Daimler and Todd Manning

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