A note about the site's new format...

As you've probably noticed by now, Tea Delgado has been removed from this site.  I've rededicated this site to Todd and Blair.  Here's an explanation why:

When I launched this site in July 1997, I created it in hopes that viewers were about to be treated to a great triangle:  Blair Daimler vs. Tea Delgado for the heart of Todd Manning.

When Téa Delgado first blew into town, I remember liking her from the start. She had an attitude. She thought herself better than everyone else because she was from New York. She was confident, aggressive and a go-getter. She knew what she wanted and damn the people who got in her way. She didn’t believe in playing fair. If her client was in trouble, she’s do whatever she could, even stepping outside the law, to do. Llanview elites like Nora hated her chutzpah. Other women, like Cassie and Andy, hated her methods. Some people hated what she had become (Antonio). Yet others were intrigued by her, like Kevin and Alex, not to mention viewers like me. I could tell that Todd and Blair weren’t going to work, and I started making a short list of characters I could dig Todd starting stuff with. Téa, Linda Soto, and a returned Sam Vance were it.

After Todd and Blair bid their farewell and she headed off to rehab in Philly, I was a bit hopeful. They had parted on fairly good terms. Maybe TPTB had come to their senses afterall. Soon, Todd started interacting with Alex and Téa. I liked the sparks that RH and Florencia Lozano were throwing off. Not exactly combustible heat like that of Todd and Blair, but heat nonetheless. I liked Téa and I loved Todd. Blair was out of the picture for awhile, but she and Todd were in a good place. Looked like perfect triangle material to me. Concept was great, execution was very, very flawed.

Téa won because Blair never got a shot. The writers and producers didn’t give her that shot.  The actors involved didn't permit her that shot.

For some time, I actually enjoyed the Todd and Tea pairing.  After the punch, however, I lost all interest in the pairing--and Tea.   She had no spine, and she was whining about abuse.  Feel abused?  Take that $5 million and GET OUT.

I found myself watching my Todd and Blair tapes more and more, and forgot all about my TnT tapes. They didn't appeal to me or draw me the way T&B did--and do. 

I finally had some time today, and I re-did the site. The Fan Fiction site, however, still contains TnT material and WILL continue to be updated.  You can go there directly at http://members.tripod.com/mbfanfiction/ It, too, has a new look.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.