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A Tale of No Chemistry:  The Insta-love phenomenom and One Life to Live

Recently on AOL, posters who have dared to voice dislike or disinterest for the Viki/Ben pairing have been sniped at and insulted by those who think this pairing is the hottest thing since the British invasion. They are accused of agism, and of being 'prudish matrons'.

Prudish matron at 19, or a discerning viewer. I opt for the latter.

I really like Viki, and Ben has had his moments here and there, but I don't see the chemistry that some are raving about. It has nothing to do with the 14 year difference between Ben and Viki. Some of my favorite couples of all time have had significant age differences. Dorian/Joey, Dorian/David Vickers, Carlo/Alex, Bo/Sarah, Matt/Donna on AW, to name a few, all had significant age differences but tons
of chemistry. Look at Luke and Laura, probably the most popular couple in daytime history--BIG age difference between those two.

The difference is, however, that those couples had incredible chemistry and incredible writing to support them. The chemistry between Viki and Ben is negible at best. I don't fault the actors for that; I fault the plaragistic, amatuerish writing of Jill Farren Phelps. I was no fan of Marty/Patrick, but their story was done worlds better than this pathetic rip off. The parallels are stunning. Barechested men of mystery are shot and tended to by fairhaired women, who are continually referred to by "endearing" nicknames.

This story may have worked had it not been so rushed. My current favorite couple (Another World's Cass and Lila) has a 15 year age difference, but so what? They also have unbelievable chemistry and great writing, not to mention a build up of nearly a year to their first kiss and lovemaking. The key to a good love story, aside from chemistry, is anticipation, and this story offers none.

I don't hate Viki/Ben. I feel nothing for them. Same way I feel about Sam/Nora, Bo/Lindsay, Max/Kelly, Tea/Sykes, Blair/Max, Renee/Asa, Hank/West, etc.

If these stories had any build-up or sense to them, I'd have interest enough and information enough to make a love or hate judgment on the stories. Instead, I have a bunch of scenes of two characters, who have little chemistry and a tenuous connection at best, kissing, having sex, and emoting about their passion and/or love for one another. I'm told that these characters have feelings for each other through dialogue and scenes, but I don't see it.

Where's the sexual tension? The flirting? Where are the romantic dinners? The hard fought love-conquers-all (until sweeps anyway) stories? What's so wrong with making us feel, making us root for a pairing? There's little to no gratification if a relationship is just thrust upon us, with little rhyme or reason, not to mention with lousy, formulaic writing and negligible chemistry.

For example, Renee's piping in that Kelly looked like she was 'ridden hard', tells me that Max and Kelly have a passionate relationship. Clothes strewn about show us that they had wild sex. But do we believe it in context of the characters and the story to that point? The scenes came out of nowhere, with little build up and next to no chemistry. Why should we care?

Similar comments can be made about most all the pairings on this show. I miss the days of rooting for a couple, of craving that first kiss, that first time, and hoping for happily ever after.

That's why a couple such as Cass and Lila on AW appeals to me so much. I watched these two bicker and banter for months, feeling the sexual tension rise without even a kiss shared. The moment where Cass grabbed an 8 months pregnant Lila and finally gave her a kiss that literally took her breath away was so rewarding because it had been built up and anticipated for so long! Where is that on OLTL? Couples kiss after 3 meetings, have sex on the first date, and move in together after 6 weeks of casual sex! Spare me that kind of 'romance'

Watching today's OLTL, why would I want any of these pairs that are put before me to get together and stay together? The pairings make little sense, have little chemistry, and the characters are by and large unlikable, together or apart.

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