This summary is by Shannon.

The scene is set at The Manning Penthouse

Todd is furious. He has just learned that Blair miscarried the baby at 3 months, not five. She married him for his money and faked a pregnancy. He is infuriated, yet he still loves her. He will forgive her.

He enters the penthouse and sees Blair and Cord embracing. Cord has just forced Blair to see the truth- she is in love with Todd. His rage returns.

Blair breaks from the embrace when she hears Todd's keys jangle. "Todd, I'm so happy you are home!"

Gone are Todd's plans for forgiveness. Blair is stunned that Todd was planning on forgiving her for lying. She tries desperately to convince him that she loves him and that he should forgive her.

Todd is insane with rage. Blair is horrified. She has never seen him like this. She tries to convince Todd that Cord has made her see her love for him. Cord chimes in that it's been long over for him and Blair.

"Shut up!," Todd snarls. He tries to throw Cord out but Cord fears for Blair's safety. Todd throws a flowerpot and leaves the penthouse, totally out of control.

Blair collapses sobbing in Cord's arms. Cord tries to calm Blair down. He tells her to leave, that Todd is dangerous.

"He's my husband," Blair whisphers.

Cord tells her that many battered wives say the same thing. Blair doesn't believe that Todd will hurt her.

"No matter how angry he gets, he'll never hurt me!," she cries, leaping to her feet.

Cord doesn't believe that and refuses to leave her side.

Blair tells him it's okay. Todd's probably just going to go out and get drunk. She'll have to pick him up from some seedy bar and then they can talk. She isn't ashamed by what she has done, she says, but knows that she deserves whatever is coming to her.

Cord finally leaves at Blair's request. She collapses in tears.

Hours have passed. Blair comes downstairs having showered and changed. She sees the Penthouse door is open wide and goes to close it.

Todd is hidden behind the door. He shakes his keys to alert Blair to his presence.

"Oh my god," a terrified Blair whisphers.

Blair backs away from Todd. She swears to Todd that she and Cord weren't-- aren't-- having an affair. She professes her love.

Todd can't get past the lies. "You are a lying whore," he spits at her. "You whored yourself to get your hands on my money."

Blair swears she didn't lie about her feelings for him. She begs him for another chance for their future. She swears it's not about the money.

Just then the phone rings. It is Chet- Blair's attorney. He'll try to get her as much of Todd's money as he can, he says. Melador too.

Todd grabs Blair's arm. "You are good. I can't believe I ever believed you. You are nothing but a lying slut!" He then backs away in horror. She's been sleeping with Cord all along, hasn't she?

Blair swears up and down that she never cheated on him. Todd can't-- won't-- listen to her. She falls to her knees and grabs onto Todd's legs.

"Get up. You're disgusting when you beg," Todd icily states. "You're disgusting period. Get up."

Blair slowly rises to her feet.

"You have no idea how much I hate you. You have messed up my life...bad."

Blair sobs as he hears his words.

Todd forces Blair towards the door. She keeps coming back at him but he pushes her away-- hard. She goes flying backwards into the hallway.

"Help me," she cries, reaching her hand out to him. Todd helps her to her feet.

"You love me," Blair cries.

"Goodbye, Blair."

"NO!," Blair yells, pushing her way back into the penthouse. She will not give up. Something kept them together after the miscarriage.

"It was love," she cries.

"Whores don't know the meaning of the word," Todd glowers.

She begs Todd to forgive her. He refuses. She can't change. She lied to Max, to Asa, to him.

She has changed, Blair cries desperately. She throws herself against Todd. "We gave each other love."

Todd is disgusted. "Don't flatter yourself, you whore. All you gave me was sex. You used that body of yours to trap me."

Todd then reached the paranoid delusion that the baby was Cord's child, not his.

"I know that baby was Cord's and I am glad that it was dead and I hope to God you never have another one!," he screams at her.

Blair is horrified by his words. Todd immediately regrets his words.

"Blair--," he starts. "I'm sorry."

Now Blair has had enough. "You're not a man. You're not even human. You're a monster."

"Well then we were made for each other."

Blair races up the stares toward their bedroom. Todd slowly follows her up the stairs.

Blair has locked the bedroom doors. She is on the phone trying to reach Cord- begging him to save her from Todd.

Todd breaks down the door and bursts into the bedroom. He pulls the cord on the phone. He is enraged, and Blair is terrified.

Blair taunts Todd. She calls him an animal and an idiot. She calls him a failure and a monster.

He grabs Blair and violently throws her down on the bed. Blair kicks at him. "Get out! I'm never going to let you touch me again!," she screams as Todd just stands there smirking.

He slowly removes his jacket. He call's her the 'monster's whore'. Blair tries to get off the bed but Todd grabs her and pushes her back onto the bed. He is on top of her. He slowly begins to unbuckle his belt. Is she scared yet?, he inquires menacingly.

Blair is terrified. He is going to rape her on their marital bed.

Todd sees Marty's faced and climbs off of Blair, horrified.

"How dare you!" She throws a book at him. "How dare you threaten me like that!" She taunts him, and tries to goad him into raping her.

Todd leaves the room. Blair yells after him. "Am I the one who through a woman on a bed and called her his whore? All set to rape her and watch her cry!" Blair chases after Todd screaming before collapsing in hysterics on the stairs.

This would be the ugliest fight between the Mannings, the precursor to their anullment.

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