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The scene is set at the Country Club. It is Addie's birthday party.

Todd is standing in the corner, talking to Briggs on the cell phone. He is thrilled to learn that the Sun outsold the Banner because the Banner never even made its press run.

Blair and Addie enter, equally jubilant. Blair spies Todd and brings Addie over to meet her new son- in- law.

"Hey Addie," Todd says as he turns to meet his new mother -in-law.

Addie grabs Blair's arm and cowers in fear. Todd is taken aback at first, but then adjusts. He's used to that reaction.

Blair tries to calm Addie, but her fear would not be assuaged.

"Happy birthday, Addie," Todd states in his faux-sweet voice.

"Thank you," Addie meekly replies, still clutching Blair's arm.

Todd doesn't want to be there, and Addie doesn't want him there. No one does.-- except Blair. He leaves and heads off to work.

Blair tearfully watches him leave, composing herself long enough to tend to Addie. She begs Addie to be "extra, extra nice" to Todd. Addie thinks Todd is mean like Asa. She doesn't like him like she likes Cord. She urges her daughter to be careful, despite Blair's protestations that Todd isn't all bad.

Later on, as the party is winding down, Addie is on the terrace. She has just embarrassed Blair by inquiring if this baby she is carrying is a 'real baby' or a pretend baby like before. Addie is crying; she never wanted to hurt Blair. Blair assures her that it is a real baby and that everything is OK. Addie, however, is inconsolable. She hurt Blair. She gets more agitated and finally winds up dumping her soda all over the dress Blair gave her. Blair rushes off for towels as Cord approaches Addie. He puts his arms around a crying Addie, who is thrilled to see him. She doesn't like Todd, she confides. Addie wants Cord and Blair to reunite.

Todd returns to the party just in time to hear Addie utter the words that would change the course of his relationship with Blair forever.

"Blair doesn't love Todd, she loves you!"

Horror crosses Blair's face as she hears her mother's damning proclamation. Todd is stunned, then hurt, and finally angry. It's always been Cord. He has the great kids, money, and Blair's love-- exactly what Todd wishes he could have.

Blair fruitlessly tries to shut Addie up, but it is too late. The damage has been done. She tries to talk to Todd, to tell him Addie's made a mistake.

"Sh- she doesn't know what she's talking about," Blair stammers.

Todd turns to walk off, but Blair won't let him go. She wants him to stay. He coldly agrees.

Blair leads Addie away from Cord. She still has feelings for him, feelings that she thinks are of love.

Inside, Blair and Todd stand side by side as Addie blows out the candles on her birthday cake. They are close in proximity, but miles apart inside. Blair sings her husband's praises to anyone who will listen. Todd listens angrily, trying to control himself. He watches her as she watches Cord. He remembers what he once said to her, "Your whole body changes when you talk to him." That never happens for him.

Blair leaves to take Addie back to St. Anne's. Todd will wait for her, his drink in hand.

Upon her return, Blair tearfully meets Todd on the terrace. Todd is drunk, bitter and angry. She loves Cord, he spits. Their marriage is a sham. There's no love-- not for each other anyway. She doesn't care about him and she never did.

Blair pleads with him. She does care. He knows that she does.

Todd won't listen. "You don't care squat about me," he yells, "You never did."

She tries to convince him that she does care. She needs to know what it is wrong with him. It's about what her mother said.

"You're still hung up on Cord, but hey, if you think I care you're crazy." The pain is evident in his eyes. He does care. It kills him to see her in love with another man.

Blair is unable to deny her feelings for Cord, yet she still fights for Todd. Her mother is confused, she doesn't know what she's saying, Blair pleads.

Todd's ire grows. "You think I don't know? You think I don't see the way you were looking at him tonight, the way you're always looking at him!" The way he wishes she would look at him. He grabs her arm tightly and violently. He is out of control and Blair is scared.

"You're hurting me," she sobs. He releases her from his grasp. What does he want?

The truth. She stills loves Cord. He just wants that simple truth.

Blair can't help what she feels. The resulting exchange seals their fate.

Todd lashes out at her. "I want you to admit that you're sorry that I knocked you up, that you hate having my kid inside you."

"Oh, Todd, I want this baby," Blair cries in between her sobs.

"What you want is Cord Roberts but you can't have him because you're stuck. You're pregnant with my kid and that make you stuck. "

"How can you say that?" Blair sobs, clutching her abdomen.

"You're real sorry now that you didn't kill that kid off when you had a chance."

"What?!," Blair wails, incredulously.

"Face it Blair, we both would have been better off if you had." That said, Todd left Blair alone and crying on the terrace of the Country Club.

After that, we were forced to endure a scene of Blair declaring her love for Cord while placing her hand on his bare chest. (gag me) He asked her to leave Todd and his money, but she refused.

Meanwhile, Todd is at Rodi's getting even more plastered. He runs into Sam Vance (God I miss her!) who tries once again to befriend Todd. They drink, they joke, they talk and they dance.

Elsewhere, Blair has left the Country Club and has spent hours driving around aimlessly. Her car breaks down and she winds up on the dock.s in Angel Square. She runs into Luis Rodriguez (who would later murder Luna) and Javier Perez, flunky extraordinare. They taunt her. They want to rob her. She tries to run, to get away. Luis grabs her purse and shoves her against a barrel. Blair gasps and clutches her abdomen.

"My baby," she pants in pain. "My baby." Her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses, hitting her head against a rock. Minutes later Cristian. who would be the prime suspect in the attack, stumbles upon the scene. Blair is rushed to the hospital.

Back at Rodi's, Sam is trying to get Todd to see that he loves Blair whether he can admit it or not. He can't admit it-- but way deep down he knows it is true.

Marty suddenly rushes in and tells Todd the news. "There's been an accident."

Fear rushes through Todd-- first for Blair, then the baby. The shocking realization that Blair is hurt sobers him up. He races to the hospital. He bursts in, yelling at everyone in sight.

"Where is my wife. How is my wife?"

Dorian, having just learned that Blair faked her pregnancy in the beginning, is trying to keep Todd from learning anything about the baby.

This leads to Larry's heartbreaking outburst. "Todd, I'm afraid she's lost the baby."

Todd is devastated. His wife, his baby, his marriage-- it is all slipping away.

"What was it," he asks. "Boy? Girl?"

"It was a boy," Larry responds.

Todd begins to tear up. "It was a boy. A son." He desperately wanted that son, to love, and to raise the way that he never was. Larry tries to tell him that Blair will conceive again but Todd wants no part of it. He wanted this child, his son.

Soon after, the time comes where Blair must be told.

"She's my wife, I'll tell her," he says, pausing outside her door.

Blair is lying in bed, crying. No one will tell her anything.

Todd doesn't want to tell her anything either. It hurts too much. He finally begins. "It was a pretty bad fall, but the doctor's checked you out and you're going to be OK. You're going to be fine" He doesn't want to say the rest.

Blair is scared. "Is... Is it the baby?," she asks.

"Blair, I'm-- I'm so sorry." The truth hits her.

"Oh... oh my..." She starts sobbing. "I don't believe you! Go away! I'm not going to listen to you! No!"

"Listen to me. I am so, so sorry, but the baby is gone. It died inside you."

She is hysterical. She tries to hold herself, to reach for a baby that isn't there. Todd draws Blair into his arms and holds onto her for dear life. She is sobbing. They are both devastated.

He tries to console her. "Blair, it's going to be all right. We will be all right. We're gonna be OK."

"It's never gonna be 'OK'," Blair cries, breaking from his embrace and turning her back on him. He reaches out to touch her but she slaps his hand away.

Todd watches her in pain. "I know you're hurting, but don't push me away."

Blair doesn't hear him. She only hears his angry. drunken words from before. About their baby, a baby that is no more.

He tries to apologize. He didn't mean it.

"You can't take it back.," she cries. "Just go and leave me alone."

Todd is devastated. He has lost his son and now his wife all in one night. He leaves her room, but spends the night outside her door. He needs her and he loves her. He will not leave her.

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