I created this site because as I surfed the web, I discovered that there was no site dedicated to my three of myfavorite characters on One Life To Live-- Blair Daimler Manning, Todd Manning, and Téa Delgado Manning. My other favorites- Bo and Nora, Cassie and Kevin, Andy and Antonio all had sites that their fans could call home. But what's a fan of these three to do? There was nowhere to go. So I set out to remedy that!

I've watched One Life To Live for as long as I can remember. I think I started watching in 1987, at age 8. I grew up loving Cord and Tina, Max and Gabby, Megan and Jake and now Todd, Blair and Téa. OLTL has had its ups and downs, some downs further than others. However, this show hit the mark with the stories of Todd, Blair and Téa, and found gold mines in Roger Howarth, Kassie DePaiva and newcomer Florencia Lozano. There is the potential for an explosive triangle and I wanted to create a site where fans of this 'morally bankrupt and pathetic' trio could feel at home!

I couldn't do this site on my own, however. I am blessed, first and foremost, to have the help of Eve. Eve is the author of the hot fan fiction on this site, as well as many of the scene summaries. Her continuing support of this site and of me has really made the Manning Building all the more better. I owe her, and the fans of this threesome, owe her many thanks!

Equally essential to the creation of this site is Patrick of Patrick's Snapshot Strips. Patrick has been wonderful in allowing me to use pictures from his site on this site. Be sure to visit Patrick's site. The snapshot strip is a weekly delight for all OLTL fans! Many thanks, Patrick!

I must thank Cassidy for her help with getting this site off the ground. Cassidy was our weekly updater, a position she graciously volunteered for! She has also allowed me to repost many of her insightful posts from the AOL boards. Thanks Cassidy!

Special thanks to Eddy, Eve,Tricia and the trio , "Anonymous" and Gaylyn who have written some excellent fan fiction. You guys have been SO incredibly generous in sharing your words with all of the Todd, Blair and Téa fans. You've given many people hours of enjoyment reading your work. Great job, and many thanks!!

Brandy, I also owe you many thanks for your hilarious scenarios and for allowing me to put them on this site. They are definiately LOL material!

Finally, I must thank all of the people who were kind enough to make submissions to this site. I owe you all many thanks: Julie, Jane, Karin, Gaylyn, Cocoa, D., Sunny, Nemesis220, JAnder3490, and Theresa. Also special thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me more songs to add to the site. A special note: The sound files on this site were recorded from tapes I recorded of One Life to Live. Most of the photos on this site appear courtesy of Patrick at Llanview Online. Other photos come from Soap Opera Digest. I scanned these photos myself. The ABC publicity shots were downloaded via AOL online.

I hope you all know how much I appreciate all of your help!